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Statistical methods in medical research

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Name of the course Statistical methods in medical research
Timing Online in June,  Week 23 (1.-5.6. 2020)
Professor Jouko Miettunen
Post Doc Mimmi Tolvanen
Organizing unit(s) Center for Life Course Health Research
ECTS Credits 0,5 -1,0
Language of instruction English
Registration until May 29 via this link >>>>
Learning outcomes In this short course, we present different statistical methods in medicine. The purpose of this training is to help participants to select suitable methods for their research work. Course will include 10 hours of lectures (0,5 ECTS) and exercise relating to the course content  (0,5 ECTS).
Contents Univariate analyses, regression modelling, imputation and weighting methods, meta-analyses and evaluating statistical methods in articles and structural equation modelling
Mode of delivery  

Mode of delivery NOTE! The course will be arranged 100% online with live video lectures/sessions at the scheduled times. The participants will receive a link to the video lectures/sessions before the first video lecture via email. There will be no contact teaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods (hours)                     

Lectures 10h

EXERCISE: Writing statistical analyses section of a research article.

  • Write the analytical plan for your own research work. Plan what kind of univariate analyses your study will include. Plan also possible multivariate analyses, what method and what covariates and why you will include. Consider also possible method to take into account missing data. If you think that missing data is not important give reasons for it.
  • The length of the text is minimum of 350 words.
Target group Doctoral students in medicine
Prerequisites and co-requisites                Basic statistics
Recommended optional programme components  -
Recommended or required reading -
Assessment methods and criteria pass/fail
Grading -
Person responsible Jouko Miettunen
Working life cooperation -
Other information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Lectures online, link will be announced soon

Monday  Jun 1,  14.15-16.00 Univariate statistics (Jouko Miettunen)

Tuesday June 2,  14.15-16.00 Regression analyses (Jouko Miettunen)

Wednesday June 3,  14.15-16.00 Imputation and weighting methods (Jouko Miettunen);>

Thursday June 4, 14.15-16.00 Structural Equation Modelling (Mimmi Tolvanen)

Friday June 5, 14.15-16.00 Meta-analyses (Jouko Miettunen)


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