University of Oulu, 2016

Minimalism in Robotics: From Sensing to Tracking to Autonomy

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Name of the course Minimalism in Robotics:
From Sensing to Tracking to Autonomy
Timing  Week 37 (07.9.-11.9.2020)
Professor Steven LaValle, UbiComp
Post Doc Markku Suomalainen, UbiComp
Organizing unit(s) Center for Ubiquitous Computing, ITEE Faculty
ECTS Credits2 2
Language of instruction English
Learning outcomes Understand fundamental information and computational requirements in robotics
Contents Sensors, sensor fusion, planning in perfect information, planning in information spaces
Mode of delivery Lectures
Learning activities and teaching methods (hours) 2 hours of lectures + 2 hours exercises daily for 5 days.  Written work required outside of classroom.
Target group PhD students in engineering, computer science, applied math, or related area
Prerequisites and co-requisites Basic math and/or algorithms
Recommended optional programme components -
Recommended or required reading Planning Algorithms, LaValle, 2004; Sensing and Filtering, LaValle, 2012 (both are free online books).
Assessment methods and criteria Homework and/or project and/or exam (depends on number of students)
Grading 1 to 5
Person responsible Steven LaValle
Working life cooperation  
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