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Technostress as a Research Area

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Name of the course Technostress as a Research Area
Timing  Week 14 (30.3.-2.4.2020)
Professor Markus Salo
Post Doc Liisa Kuonanoja
Organizing unit(s) OASIS
ECTS Credits 1-3
Language of instruction English
Learning outcomes After completing the course, the student will:
1) Understand what technostress is and how it manifests in both work/organizational and personal/leisure contexts;
2) Identify creators and consequences of technostress;
3) Understand how technology users can mitigate technostress; and
4) Identify strengths and weaknesses in technostress research.
Contents The course examines the foundation and key concepts of technostress. Technostress refers to the situation of stress that an individual experiences due to her/his use of technology. Researchers and practitioners have highlighted that technostress is common and contributes to negative outcomes such as decreased well-being and reduced work productivity.

The course will focus on examining the main components, concepts, and theoretical approaches regarding technostress, reviewing recent research on technostress, discussing methods and methodological choices in terms of studying technostress, and elaborating on the practical importance of the topic in relation to work/organizational and personal/leisure contexts.
Mode of delivery NOTE!

The course will be arranged 100% online with live video lectures/sessions at the scheduled times. The participants will receive a link to the video lectures/sessions before the first video lecture via email. There will be no contact teaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods (hours) Contact teaching (lectures, group work and presentations, 16 hours); preparation of the group presentation (10); written group assignment (55 hours
Target group Doctoral students and researchers in Information Systems and other related fields; but also any students interested in technostress and research on human behavior in relation to technology
Prerequisites and co-requisites -
Recommended optional programme components -
Recommended or required reading No required pre-course reading
Assessment methods and criteria
Participation in at least 8 hours of the lectures + group work with presentation
(1 credit). In addition, written group assignment (total of 3 credits). Further instruction given at the course.
Grading Pass/fail
Person responsible Liisa Kuonanoja
Working life cooperation Working life cooperation: No formal cooperation, but the subject is particularly relevant for knowledge workers and managing knowledge work.
Other information   Note!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Times online

Monday 30 March:                                                                                                      09.00-11.00 
12.00-14.00, online                                                       

Tuesday 31 March:                                                                                                    09.00-11.00,                                                                                                               12.00-14.00, online   

Wednesday 01 April:                                                                                                09.00-11.00,                                                                                                               14.00-16.00, online    

Thursday 02 April:                                                                                                     09.00-11.00,                                                                                                                 12.00-1 4.00, online


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