Funding for participating to online course or virtual conference

Doctoral researchers of the University of Oulu Graduate School are invited to apply for funding for participating doctoral level online course or virtual conference. The amount of the grant is max. 500€ which is used for registration fee.
Due to special circumstances and restrictions on travelling to conferences caused by current pandemic, University of Oulu Graduate School wants to support participation of doctoral researchers on online courses or virtual conferences organized spring term or summer 2020, course/conference should start at the latest 31.8.2020. Course/conference has to be suitable for applicants’ doctoral studies (advanced level with relevant content). Applicant is required to search for suitable course/conference by him/herself. Only registration fees are covered. Note that there are also many free online courses and conferences organized. By participating on these it is possible to gain ECT credits based on supervisor’s evaluation.


The application deadline is 30.4.2020. Funding is applied by using form. Submit the completed form with attachments (statement from supervisor) to uniogs (at)


Successful applicants must claim the grant after the course/conference. Employees of the University of Oulu make the claim in Certia SAP-Travel -system. Doctoral researchers who are not employed by the University of Oulu can claim the support as a grant. Detailed instructions on grant payment will be send to successful applicants.

For further information, please contact the coordinators of the Graduate School (uniogs (at)


Last updated: 16.4.2020