University of Oulu Graduate School will provide user account to all active doctoral researchers

From April 2020, the University of Oulu Graduate school will offer for actively working doctoral researchers who are not staff members of the University of Oulu user licenses for university’s information systems. This concerns especially grant researchers.

UFO account is a temporary user account for a doctoral researcher, who has a justifications to use staff’s O365 email service and limited printing service.  UniOGS grants the user licenses and covers the expenses related to printing. user accounts will be granted based on the following instructions:

  • When a researcher starts doctoral studies in the University of Oulu as a non-staff student, user account will be granted to him/her automatically at the same time as the doctoral degree study right.
  • If one’s employment contract ends but the doctoral research project continues actively, user account can be applied by contacting
  • If a researcher has active user account, he/she can request for an extension by filling the form user account is temporary. It is intended to be available for the duration of the whole doctoral research project given that the doctoral work is active and making progress.

NOTE! The UFO account granted by the graduate school includes an email address in form, but it does not entitle into use of UNIV services for the staff.

  • IT support: The IT support of the staff is not available. In the case of user access issues, the right contact address is instead of IT services for staff. In other matters, please contact .
  • Workstation: doctoral researchers work on their own devices and they maintenance their own devices. The own devices can be used on the university only in a wireless network. The self-study workstations of the university are available.
  • Software:  The software licensed for the university can be used with remote desktops in the VPN connection.
  • Printing: The remote desktops and VPN connection can be used to print to the the devices within the sphere of the university's printing service. Mobile printing is possible. UniOGS is responsible for the printing costs.
  • Network drives:  The resources of the network are available with the remote desktop and the VPN connection

See detailed information and instructions and extension form in Patio.

Last updated: 18.6.2020