From ideas to enterprises

Dates: 30.11.-3.12.2020
Place: University of Oulu
Mode of delivery: Remote lectures and exercises, independent study
Extent: 3 cr

The course focuses on improving students’ capabilities to develop research-based ideas into innovations with significant economic potential and on matters relating to commercializing them via new or existing companies .

Target group: Doctoral students of University of Oulu Graduate School

Pre-requisites: None.

Learning outcomes
During the course the student learn current methods of building high-growth potential businesses, immaterial rights, and related public and private finance instruments like venture capital. Upon completion of the course, the student can tackle business growth related challenges within start-up companies and traditional industries.

The course consists of 24 hours of lectures that include individual and group assignments during lectures. Reading the course literature, writing the learning diary and possible other course assignments (57 h). The responsible person will provide further details.

Working life cooperation: Case examples
Material: Material provided by the lecturers.

Course completion and assessment criteria: Active participation, individual and group assignments and reading the course literature.

Evaluation: pass/fail

Deadline of the registrations will be informed later
Registrations in this link (NB: the link will open later)

 More information: eija-liisa.heikka(at), TinyTOT project

The course is organized by the TinyTOT project (Integrating Industry and business co-operation to the Development of Doctoral Training) in collaboration with Oulu Business School & Tellus Innovation Arena and University of Oulu doctoral programs

Last updated: 27.8.2020