Tress of Science where doctoral theses are publicly displayed.

Changes in the Public Display of Doctoral Theses

University of Oulu Graduate School has changed practices of the public display of doctoral theses prior to doctoral thesis defence. All doctoral theses defended in the University of Oulu from 1st of December 2020 onwards will be publicly displayed in Trees of Science. Display time before the defence shortens from prior 10 days to 7 days. 

Each doctoral programme has their own Tree of Science. Doctoral theses of Human Sciences, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences will be publicly displayed in Trees of Science next to Science Library Pegasus, Linnanmaa. Trees for Health and Biosciences are located in Tellus, Kontinkangas.

Doctoral researcher places the thesis in the tree for public display at least 7 days before the defence. Doctoral researcher may pick up the thesis from the tree after the defence. The theses are removed from the trees twice a year during Christmas and summer season, after which the doctoral researcher cannot collect the displayed copy of thesis anymore. 

Centralised display of doctoral theses promotes the visibility and accessibility of doctoral theses in the University of Oulu. In addition, faculties can continue their own display traditions.

Please see additional details about public display from updated instructions “Final stages of doctoral degree process” at UniOGS webpage.

Last updated: 12.11.2020