Archived Events 2020

Jan 23 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker:  Qiaolin Deng 15-16, F202, Kontinkangas campus
Jan 27 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar, Programme >>>> 14:00, 116B, Kontinkangas campus
Jan 29 Storytime event - speaker Peppi Karppinen 15-16, Tellus Kontinkangas Stage
Jan 30 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Kontinkangas, Speakers: Jussi Koivunen and Valerio Izzi  11-12, Tellus Kontinkangas Stage, registration >>
Feb 3 -March 11 Biostatistiikan perusteet -verkkokurssi terveys- ja biotieteiden alojen tohtorikoulutettaville Ilmoittautuminen tästä linkistä >>
Feb 6 Morning Coffee Seminar by Reetta Hinttala & Salla Kangas and Outi Lampela 8.30 - 9.15, Kontinkangas Tellus Stage
Feb 7 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker:  Aleksandra Marsavelski 13-14, F101, Aapistie 7A, Kontinkangas campus
Feb 10 BCO Groups 2020-2023 Symposium 9:30, K101, Kontinkangas campus
Feb 12 Visiting speaker: Assistant Professor Roxanne Kieltyka, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University 15.00-, Meeting room 487B, Aapistie 5A
Feb 18 The Science Day of the Kontinkangas Campus, programme >>, Website: 8:15, Kontinkangas Campus, Leena Palotie Auditorium 101A
Feb 24 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar, Programme >>> 14:00, 116B, Kontinkangas campus
March 9 -> UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School, Weeks 11-14, including 6 PhD level courses. Website >> Registration to course(s), deadline March 4 >>
March 9-13

Linnanmaa Campus

Registration to course(s), deadline March 4 >>

March 12 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker:  Professor Caglar Elbuken (VTT, FMED, FBMM) 15-16:00, H1091, Dentopolis
March 13 FinGMice RoadShow in Oulu  - Tips and tricks for successful in vivo modelling - cancelled cancelled
March 16-20

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School courses on week 12:

1) Statistical methods in medical research  - postponed to June 1-5.2020, more info from this link  >>>>

- Postponed  to 1-5.6.2020, online course

March 18 The traveling oral microbiome & its systemic consequences – the scientific evidence for oral-systemic health links in a nutshell  
March 26 Morning Coffee Seminar by Jarkko Koivunen, FBMM - cancelled cancelled
March 30 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar, - cancelled cancelled
March 30 - April  3

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School courses on week 14:

1) Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Human Sciences postponed to 8-12.6.2020 (or 24.-28.8.2020), more info from this link >>>>

2Minimalism in Robotics: From Sensing to Tracking to Autonomypostponed to  7.9.-11.9.2020, more info from this link >>>>

3) Technostress as a Research Area ,  organized as online course, registration extended to March 25, more info from this link >>>>

Linnanmaa Campus

Registration to course(s), deadline March 4  (course 3, March 25) >>


April 2 Morning Coffee Seminar by Simo Saarakkala, FMED, Infotech  - cancelled cancelled
April 14 -> Impact Camp (organized by TinyTOT project ) - postponed to fall 2020 postponed to fall 2020
April 16-17 Tilastollisten analyysien jatkokurssi SPSS-ohjelmalla - -> postponed for now, new date will be announced soon - Postponed for now, new date will be announced soon
April 23 BCO Day 2020 - Disease on a Dish – The Next Generation Approaches -> postponed for now - Postponed for now
April 27 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar, programme >>>> 13:00, online (link can be requested from: mirja.peltola (at)
April 29 Morning Coffee Seminar by Sylvain Sebert, FMED: The LongITools project - cancelled cancelled
May 8 3R seminar: Animals in the spotlight - postponed for now - Postponed for now
May 13 Morning Coffee Seminar by Laura Huilaja, FMED, OYS: Ihotauteja pintaa syvemmältä - cancelled cancelled
May 20 Morning Coffee Seminar by Reetta Hinttala, FMED: The function of Nhlrc2 in neuronal precursor cells of FINCA mice - cancelled cancelled
May 22 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speakers: Honorary Doctor, Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 2019, Prof. Peter Ratcliffe and Honorary Doctor, Prof. Mats Paulsson - cancelled cancelled
May 25 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminarprogramme >>> 14:00, online (link can be requested from: mirja.peltola (at)
May 28 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker: Associate Prof. Claus Storgaard Sørensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark cancelled
June 1-5

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School online course:

1) Statistical methods in medical research

online course, Registration (deadline May 29) via this link >>>
June 1 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker: Prof.  Anastassios G. Pittas, Tufts University, US cancelled
June 8-12

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School course:

Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Human Sciences  (or 24.-28.8.2020), more info from this link >>>>

June 10-12 Conference on Epidemiological Birth Cohort and Longitudinal Studies – 4th Paula Rantakallio symposium postponed to June 2021
June 12 Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series, Speaker: PhD.  Erikka Loftfield, National Cancer Institute, US  
June 16-18 Sample preparation for cryo electron microscopy  
Aug 20-21 Nordic PhD Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark - postponed
Aug 31 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar,  programme >>>> 14:00, online, with remote connection
Sep 7-11

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School course:

Minimalism in Robotics: From Sensing to Tracking to Autonomy, more info from this link >>>>

Sep 17-18 Tilastollisten analyysien jatkokurssi SPSS-ohjelmalla, kurssi järjestetään etäyhteyksin, online-kurssina ilmoittautuminen 11.9. mennessä tästä linkistä >>>>
Sep 24-25 The International Research Seminar in Collaboration with the University of Oulu, 1 ECTS (Topic: The Effective Academic: Key Approaches, Tools and Resources)  
Sep 28 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar,  Programme >>>> 14:30, online with remote connection
Sep 29 - Oct 2 TinyTOT course: From ideas into innovative venturing    
Oct 5 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2020: online webinar Guess the Nobel Prize winner >>>
Oct 13-16 Computational Approaches to Understanding and Engineering Enzyme Catalysis  
Nov 3 - 19 TinyTOT course: Impact Camp 2020 - Presentation skills training   
Nov 26 Are you ready for industry? -webinar  Enrollment (until 24.11.) >>>
Nov 26-27 Tilastolliset perusanalyysit SPSS-ohjelmistolla  Ilmoittautuminen 18.11. mennessä tästä linkistä >>>> 
Nov 30 HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar,  Programme >>>> 14:00
Nov 30 TinyTOT course: From ideas to enterprises  
Dec 15 BCO Discovery of the year, online  

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