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HS-DP Calendar of Events 2021

The following HS-DP courses have funding for 2021. Information about the timing and content will be updated on these web pages, but if lacking, or you need some further information, please contact the course convenors.

2021 courses

Decolonising research: Agential realism and diffraction as methodology in human and social sciences

Responsible person: Elina Lehtomäki

Gender and STEAM - Keys to sustainable development

Responsible person: Mervi Heikkinen

Exploring sustainable futures within multispecies communities: interdisciplinary approaches

Responsible person: Pauliina Rautio

Making Environmental Policy: From Idea to Implementation                    

Responsible person: Roger Norum

Materiality, Living Memory, Civil Wars, and Difficult Heritage

Responsible person: Timo Ylimaunu                    

Moving with PhEmaterialist and Creative Methodologies: Response-Able Research and Practice

Responsible person: Tuija Huuki

Nexus analysis in the study of making and literacies in the digital age                    

Responsible person: Leena Kuure

Workshop schedule: LINK TO THE FILE

Course description and sign up: LINK TO WEBOODI

PhD workshop: After Crisis - Diversity and Dialogue

Responsible person: Johanna Hiitola

Pohjoisen alueen kielet / Languages in the far north                        

Responsible person: Maria Frick

(Re)Searching for sustainable solutions      

Responsible person: Päivi Lujala

Researching Uses and Abuses of History and Exemplarity of Past: Ideology of warfare and historical narratives of mighty individuals

Responsible person: Henry Oina-Kukkonen

Walking Methodologies and the Arctic Anthropocene                        

Responsible person: Karin Murris

"Video-based research: visualizing multimodality in human interaction"               

Responsible person: Samira Ibnelkaid

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