How to find a principal supervisor?

If you need to search for a suitable Principal Supervisor and/or co-supervisors, there is "Oulun yliopisto tutkii" - database (i.e., "University of Oulu research" -database) containing  annually up-dated information on the experts of the University of Oulu and also their other merits and activities. It is possible to make different searches concerning experts and publications, etc.

Other useful source is the open access repository Jultika  (maintained by the Publications Services). Jultika contains online versions of publications in series of the University of Oulu, and you can find there almost all of the doctoral thesis (electronic versions) made at the University of Oulu.

Also the webpages of the Faculties and Departments contain in most cases a lot of useful information of different reseach projects and their contact persons (research group leaders).

See also if there is any suitable open positions in calls for doctoral students.

Last updated: 18.8.2020