UniOGS Mentoring Programme kick-off 2014

UniOGS launches a Mentoring Programme for Doctoral Trainees

The University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS), in close cooperation with the Alumni Relations of the Oulu University Extension School, launched the first edition of its Mentoring Programme for Doctoral Trainees on Monday, 10th November 2014.

The kick-off meeting of the programme, which was opened by the Dean of UniOGS, Professor Markku Juntti, brought together 17 UniOGS doctoral candidates from the fields of technology, natural sciences, human sciences, and health sciences, with 16 management-level professionals representing the academic and non-academic sectors of working life, both from within the Oulu region and from outside. During the five-month lifespan of the programme, the mentors, using their own knowledge built from personal experience, will help their mentees identify their career options and understand how to exploit and develop the skill-sets needed for reaching their goals.

The obvious enthusiasm with which both the mentors and the mentees started their one-on-one discussions during the kick-off meeting leads us to believe that this Mentoring Programme has a solid future, and we are already looking for more skilled professionals who would be interested in guiding our young researchers along their chosen career paths.


Last updated: 8.6.2016