RULES OF THE PITCH -WORKSHOP Tue 24th of January at 12.15 – 14 @ Tellus Stage

Professional reputation is something that we build by consistent effort of meeting new people and letting our ideas spread.

The first impression is the building block and we are the craftsmen of our growing connections.

What if you could be one of those who make an impression like no other?

Join the workshop and you’ll find an answer to questions like:

  1. How would I make an impression to a potential employer? What should I say?
  2. How can I introduce myself and my matter successfully?
  3. How would I clarify my main points and get them across quickly?

Attend this 2-hr WORKSHOP and have a good start with your personal elevator speech/pitch.

  • Listen: Antti Niittyviita (Prove Expertise Oy) will give an inspiring introduction to the rules of a pitch.
  • Learn: After the intro, participants will work together to build their own speeches and get feedback in groups.
  • Act: Go for a test drive on Pesti Career Day, January 26th, meet potential employers and put your pitch to practice.
  • Come: Join us at the Tellus Stage!


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Organized by ESF funded TOHTOS & TYYLI projects.

More information: kaisa-leena.huttunen(at)


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Last updated: 18.1.2017