Research plan seminars

Research Plan Seminar is a field-specific course and obligatory for all doctoral students. In the seminar, the doctoral students should introduce their research plan / research and expose it to comments, as well as comment the presentations of other participants. The seminar may also include scientific workshops. The goals are to give tools for active participation in scientific conferences, to introduce multidisciplinary approach and research items, and to provide possibilities for networking.

The work load should be at least 1 ECTS.

Doctoral students may accomplish the Research Plan Seminar course either in their home faculties/ research units or groups, doctoral programmes or participating other similar seminars. These seminars provide excellent opportunity to extend one's scientific expertise to cover multidisciplinary perspectives.

This page will provide information about the reaserch plan seminars, which are arranged or funded by TNS-DP.

Last updated: 15.11.2019