Research plan seminars

Research Plan Seminar is a field-specific course and obligatory for all doctoral students. The workload should be at least 1 ECTS. Doctoral students may accomplish the Research Plan Seminar course either in their home faculties or in research units / groups, in doctoral program seminars, or participating other similar seminars.

Research plan seminars arranged by TNS-DP provide tools for active participation in scientific conferences, introduces multidisciplinary approach and research items, and provides possibilities for networking.

TNS-DP offers a research plan seminar possibility twice a year in connection with relevant multidisciplinary seminars when possible:

  • Spring term: one to two days; when possible in connection with a related seminar
  • Autumn term: in connection with a Kvantum seminar with varying theme

Both seminars are open to all researcher presentations in all fields, in addition to research plan presentations by doctoral candidates. The program includes also keynotes and a workshop on presenting.

Course description, requirements, and instructions at

Call for abstracts, registrations and program at each course web page (links from the TNS-DP calendar of events)

Further information
Coordinator Riitta Kamula (Kvantum Institute and Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme).
Email: riitta.kamula (at)



Last updated: 10.3.2020