Future dissertations


Past dissertations


Karjalainen Olli Statistical modelling of circumpolar permafrost: thermal and geomorphic sensitivities to climate change and societal implications (Geography)

Kynkäänniemi Sanna-Mari The relationship between the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) and the ectoparasitic deer ked (Lipoptena cervi): reindeer welfare aspects (Ecology and Genetics)

Laukka Aleksi The effects of microalloying on the scale formation of AISI 304 stainless steel in walking beam furnace conditions (Process Engineering)

Li Panpan Deep eutectic solvents in the production of wood-based nanomaterials (Process Engineering)

Macotela Cruz Edith Liliana New contributions on VLF radio wave perturbations measured at high-latitudes (Physics)

Mahmood Shahriare The substantive approach for managing demand and supply sustainably in fashion industry (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Myllymäki Pekka Chemical precipitation in the simultaneous removal of NH4−N and PO4−P from wastewaters using industrial waste materials (Applied Chemistry)

Nuortimo Kalle Public acceptance in energy technology development and deployment : opinion mining case study  (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Saastamoinen Ari Processing and microstructure of direct-quenched and tempered ultra-high strength steels (Mechanical Engineering)



Adesanya Elijah A cementitious binder from high-alumina slag generated in the steelmaking process (Process Engineering)

Bergna Davide Activated carbon from renewable resources : carbonization, activation and use (Applied Chemistry)

Getachew Tibetu Spatial-temporal structure and distribution of the solar photospheric magnetic field (Physics)

Goldmann Valdés Werner Marcelo. Valorization of pine kraft lignin by fractionation and partial depolymerization. (Chemical Process Engineering)

Hannila Hannu Towards data-driven decision-making in product portfolio management : from company-level to product-level analysis (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Huhta Anne. Diversity of soapstones: Classification and thermal behavior. (Geology and Mineralogy).

Javaheri Vahid Design, thermomechanical processing and induction hardening of a new medium-carbon steel microalloyed with niobium (Materials Engineering) 

Javed Muhammad Asadullah. Advanced liquid and gas NMR methods for probing topical materials (Physics).

Järvenpää Antti. Microstructures, mechanical stability and strength of low-temperature reversion-treated AISI 301LN stainless steel under monotonic and dynamic loading. (Materials and Production Engineering)

Karvinen Tuulikki. Ultra high consistency forming (Mechanical Engineering)

Karvonen Juhani Demography and dynamics of a partial migrant close to the northern range margin (Ecologiy and Genetics)

Keskinen Juho Interpretation and relativistic simulation of selected electronic transitions : decays of M-shell hole states in atomic Cr, Br and Rb (Physics)

Kiventerä Jenni Stabilization of sulphidic mine tailings by different treatment methods: heavy metals and sulphate immobilization (Process Engineering)

Koivupalo Maarit. Health and safety management in a global steel company and in shared workplaces – Case description and development needs. (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Koskela Jennimari Multi-decadal evolution of the solar coronal magnetic field (Physics)

Kuorelahti Juri On the Motion of Objects Immersed in Fermi Liquids (Theoretical Physics)

Kärnä Olli-Matti Geography meets ecology: developing proxies to understand variations of stream biodiversity (Geography)

Laine Sami. Spin waves and supercritical motion in superfluid ³He.  (Physics).

Lappi Teemu Digitalizing Finland : governance of government ICT projects (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Miroshnichenko OLga. Properties of binary oxides : a DFT study (Theoretical Physics)

Nuottila Jouko Flexibility in agile projects: contracting practices and organisational arrangements (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Ojala Jonna. Functionalized cellulose nanoparticles in the stabilization of oil-in-water emulsions. Bio-based approach to chemical oil spill response. (Process Engineering)

Parkkinen Kati. Change Leadership in the Finnish Media Sector. (Industrial Engineering and Management)    

Pietikäinen Iivari. Strong Radiation-Matter Interaction in a Driven Superconducting Quantum System. (Theoretical physics)

Piñero Pablo The metabolism of socio-economic systems : combination of input-output analysis and material flow accounting for footprint-type indicators (Environmental Engineering)

Ramasetti Eshwar Modelling of open-eye formation and mixing phenomena in a gas-stirred ladle for different operating parameters (Process Metallurgy)

Ruokamo Simo Single shared model approach for building information modelling (Construction Technology)

Sanchez Perez Clara. Synthesis, characterisation and CVD of single-source organometallic precursors for iron-intercalated group 4 transition metal diselenide thin films. (Environmental and Chemical Engineering)

Seppälä Louna. Diophantine perspectives to the exponential function and Euler's factorial series (Mathematics)

Suutarinen Johanna. Ecology of lawbreaking. Effects of poaching on legally harvested wolf populations in human-dominated landscapes. (Animal ecology)

Tukiainen Helena. Multi-scale relationship between geodiversity and biodiversity across high-latitude environments: implications for nature conservation. (Geography)

Venhola Aku. Evolution of dwarf galaxies in the Fornax-cluster. (Astronomy).

Vielma Tuomas Thermodynamic properties of concentrated zinc bearing solutions (Applied Chemistry)

Virtanen Iiro Surface flux transport simulations of the photospheric magnetic field (Physics)


Akanegbu Justice. Development of a precipitation index-based conceptual model to overcome sparse data barriers in runoff prediction in cold climate. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)

Alatarvas Tuomas. Evolution of inclusion population in calcium treated ultra-high strength steels. Novel applications of sample data treatment. (Process engineering)

Anttila Severi. Influence of minor elements on some weldability issues of intermediate purity stabilized ferritic stainless steels. (Materials and Production Engineering)

Edesi Jaanika. The effect of light spectral quality on cryopreservation success of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) shoot tips in vitro. (Ecology and genetics)

El Assal Zouhair. Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for the total oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds. (Environmental and chemical engineering) 

Fazel Modares Nasim. The role of climate and land use change in Lake Urmia desiccation  (Water and Environmental Engineering)

Flyktman Antti. Effects of transcranial light on molecules regulating circadian rhythm. (Ecology and Genetics)

Hartmann Robert. Flotation using sellulose-based chemicals. (Fibre and Particle Engineering)

Heikkinen Kari-Pekka. Exploring studio-based higher education for T-shaped knowledge workers, case LAB studio model. (Industrial engineering and management)

Hietava Anne. Electrical behaviour of submerged arc furnace’s charge materials. (Process metallurgy)

Hildebrandt Nils Christoph. Paper-based composites via the partial dissolution route with NaOH/urea. (Fibre and Particle Engineering)

Hopkins Juhani. The costs and consequences of female sexual signals (Ecology and Genetics)

Hurskainen Sonja. The roles of individual demographic history and environmental conditions in the performance and conservation of northern orchids (Ecology and genetics)

Huusko Karoliina. Dynamics of root-associated fungal communities in relation to disturbance in boreal and subarctic forests. (Ecology and Genetics)

Huusko RiinaDownstream migration of salmon smolts in regulated rivers: factors affecting survival and behaviour. (Ecology and Genetics)

Ignatova Irina Processing of visual information by microvillar photoreceptors. (Nano and Molecular Systems)

Isokangas Elina. Quantifying the groundwater dependence of boreal ecosystems using environmental tracers (Water and Environmental Engineering).

Kaikkonen Harri. Supporting rapid product development with agile development methodologies. (Industrial engineering and management)

Kaparulina Ekaterina. Eurasian Arctic ice sheets in transitions – consequences for climate, environment and ocean circulation. (Oulu Mining School)

Kinnunen Sanni. Molecular mechanisms in energy metabolism during seasonal adaptation : aspects relating to AMP-activated protein kinase, key regulator of energy homeostasis. (Ecology and Genetics)

Klets Olesya. Subject-specific finite element modeling of the knee joint to study osteoarthritis development and progression. (Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology)

Kuismin Markku. On regularized estimation methods for precision and covariance matrix and statistical network inference (Mathematics)

Kukkonen Soile. Small impact craters in crater counting - Evolution studies of the eastern Hellas outflow channels, Mars. (Ecology and Genetics)

Kärnä Aki. Modelling of supersonic top lance and the heat-up stage of the CAS-OB process. (Processmetallurgy)

Lappalainen Matti K. A renewed diagnosis and paradigm for eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. In Finnish. (Environmental engineering )

Lehmann Marius. Waves in planetary rings: Hydrodynamic modeling of resonantly forced density waves and viscous overstability in Saturn's rings (Astronomy)

Lehosmaa Kaisa. Anthropogenic impacts and restoration of boreal spring ecosystems. (Ecology and genetics)

Luolavirta Kirsi. Magmatic evolution of the Kevitsa igneous complex, northern Finland, and its relation to the associated Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralization. (Oulu Mining school)

Löytynoja Tuomas. Quantum and quantum-classical calculations of core-ionized molecules in varied environments. (Nano and Molecular Systems Research)

Maliniemi Tuija. Decadal time-scale vegetation changes at high latitudes. Responses to climatic and non-climatic drivers (Ecology and genetics)

Matinmikko-Blue Marja. Stakeholder analysis for the development of sharing-based spectrum governance models for mobile communications (Industrial engineering and management)

Niva Laura. Self-optimizing control of oxy-combustion in circulating fluidized bed boilers (Process engineering)

Nurmesniemi Emma-Tuulia. Experimental and computational studies on sulphate removal from mine water by improved lime precipitation (Sustainable Chemistry)

Pallaspuro Sakari. On the factors affecting the ductile-brittle transition in as-quenched fully and partially martensitic low-carbon steels. (Materials and Production Engineering )

Pap Nora. Value-added processing of blackcurrants. Use of membrane technologies for clarification and concentration of blackcurrant juice and extraction of anthocyanins from blackcurrant marc (Environmental and chemical engineering)  

Perez Rocha Mariana. Large-scale patterns of biodiversity in northern streams: insights from species, traits and phylogeny (Geography)

Pietilä Miisa. A spatial perspective of visitor experiences in national parks – Investigating the potential of Public Participation GIS methods in outdoor recreation planning. (Geography)

Posysaev Sergei. Applications of density functional theory for modeling metal-semiconductor contacts, reaction pathways, and calculating oxidation states. (Nano and Molecular Systems).

Rantaharju Jyrki. Magnetization dynamics in paramagnetic systems. (NMR spectroscopy)

Ranta Jukka-Pekka. Geological evolution and gold mineralization in the northern part of the Peräpohja belt, Finland: Evidence from whole-rock and mineral chemistry, and radiogenic and stable isotopes. (Mining)

Sarremejane Romain. Community assembly mechanisms in river networks : exploring the effect of connectivity and disturbances on the assembly of stream communities. (Ecology and genetics)

Sethi Jatin. Cellulose nanopapers with improved preparation time, mechanical properties, and water resistance. (Process engineering)

Silvola Risto  One product data for integrated business processes (Industrial Engineering)

Tatarnikova Olga. Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Triazine- and Benzoic Acid-based Compounds and Complexes (Environmental and chemical engineering)

Tervasmäki Petri. Reaction and mass transfer kinetics in multiphase bioreactors - experimental and modelling studies (Chemical Process Engineering)

Tolonen Katri. Taxonomic and functional organization of macroinvertebrate communities in subarctic streams. (Ecology and Genetics)

Tolvanen Jere. Informed habitat choice in the heterogeneous world: ecological implications and evolutionary potential . (Ecology and Genetics)

Tomperi Jani. Predicting the treated wastewater quality utilizing optical monitoring of the activated sludge process (Control engineering)

Turunen Jarno. Responses of biodiversity and ecosystem functions to land use disturbances and restoration in boreal stream ecosystems. (Ecology and Genetics)

Tyni Teemu. Direct and inverse scattering problems for perturbations of the biharmonic operator (Mathematics)

Törmä Topi. On Diophantine approximations of generalized continued fractions. (Mathematical Sciences)

Verrollot Jordan. Mature supply management as an enabler for rapid product development and product portfolio renewal. (Industrial engineering and management)

Xinying Shi. Electronic and photocatalytic properties of transition metal decorated molybdenum disulfide. (Nano and Molecular Systems)



Artamonov Anton. Outer space influence on the low and middle polar atmosphere. (Space Climate Research)

D'Incecco Piero. Visible and near infrared spectroscopy of Mercury and Venus from orbit. (Astronomy)

Dong Yue. Bifunctionalised pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass into reducing sugars. Use of ionic liquids and acid-catalysed mechanical approach. (Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius)

Eskelinen Riku. Runoff generation and load estimation in drained peatland areas. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)

Gowda Vasantha. Experimental and Computational Magnetic Resonance Studies of Selected Rare Earth and Bismuth Complexes. (NMR spectroscopy, Physics)

Grandin Maxime. Multi-instrument and modelling studies of the ionospheres at Earth and Mars. (Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory)

Hautala Lauri. Synchrotron radiation based characterization of structural evolution of alkali halide clusters. (Nano and Molecular Systems Research)

Havia Johanna. Trace element analysis of humus-rich natural water samples. Method development for UV-LED assisted photocatalytic sample preparation and hydride generation ICP-MS analysis. (Sustainable Chemistry Research)

Heikkinen Marja. The domestication history of the European goose. A genomic perspective. (Ecology and Genetics)

Hens Hilde. Population genetics and population ecology in management of endangered species. (Ecology and Genetics)

Hietajärvi Anna-Maija. Capabilities for managing project alliances (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Holappa Lauri. Spatio-temporal evolution of geomagnetic activity and its relation to solar wind. (Space Climate Research Unit)

Iljana Mikko. Iron ore pellet properties under simulated blast furnace conditions. Investigation on reducibility, swelling and softening. (Process Metallurgy Research Unit)

Karjalainen Minna. Formation, Structures, and Bonding in Transition Metal Complexes Containing Organochalcogen Ligands. (Environmental and Chemical Engineering / Inorganic chemistry)

Kauppinen Miia. Context dependent variation in associations between grasses and fungal symbionts. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

Keränen Anni. Water treatment by quaternized lignocellulose. (Environmental and Chemical Engineering Research Unit)

Kokkonen Esko. Fragmentation of small molecules by UV and X-ray irradiation. (Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit)

Kyllönen Urpo. On the spectral theory of elliptic differential operators with singular coefficients. (Mathematical Sciences)

Kärkkäinen Marja-Liisa. Deactivation of oxidation catalysts by sulphur and phosphorus in diesel and gas driven vehicles. (Environmental and Chemical Engineering)

Lappi Tuomas. Formation and governance of a healthy business ecosystem. (Industrial engineering and management)

Leinonen Marko. On various irrationality measures. (Mathematical Sciences)

Leppälä Emma. On finite loops and their inner mapping groups. (Mathematical Sciences)

Marttila Maare. Ecological and social dimensions of restoration success in boreal river systems. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

Mattila Tiina. Post-glacial colonization, demographic history, and selection in Arabidopsis lyrata. Genome-wide and candidate gene based approach. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

Mohammadighavam Shahram. Hydrologic and hydraulic design of peatland drainage and water treatment systems for optimal control of diffuse pollution. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)

Mononen Petri. Socio-economic impacts of a public agency – enhancing decision support for performance management. (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Mustamo Pirkko. Greenhouse gas fluxes from drained peat soils: A comparison of different land use types and hydrological site characteristics. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)

Nieminen Ilmari. Compactness and spectral properties of weighted composition operators (Mathematical Sciences)

Pargar Farzad. Resource optimization techniques in scheduling; applications to production and maintenance systems. (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Rouf Syed AwaisParamagnetic NMR Chemical Shift Theory: Combined ab Initio/Density-Functional Theory Method. (NMR Research Unit, Physics)

Schneider Laura. Mechanocatalytic pretreatment of lignocellulosic barley straw to reducing sugars. (Sustainable Chemistry)

Shahmarichatghieh Marzieh. Product development sourcing strategies over technology life cycle in high-tech industry. (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Singh Sujeet Kumar. Conservation genetics of the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) in India. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

Siira Olli-Pekka. Developmental features of lacustrine basins on the uplift coast of the Bothnian Bay. (Oulu Mining School)

Upola Heikki.  Disintegration of packaging material. An experimental study of approaches to lower energy consumption. (Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit)

Uusitalo Pauliina. The bound states in the quantum waveguides of shape Y, Z, and C. (Mathematical Sciences)

Vilmi Annika. Assessing freshwater biodiversity. Insights from different spatial contexts, taxonomic groups and response metrics. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

Visuri Ville-Valtteri. Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Kinetics and Rate Phenomena in the AOD Process. (Process Metallurgy Research Unit)

Vuokila Ari. CFD modeling of auxiliary fuel injections in the blast furnace tuyere-raceway area. (Environmental and Chemical Engineering)

Yliniemi Juho. Alkali activation-granulation of fluidized bed combustion fly ashes. (Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit)

Ylitalo Pekka. Value creation metrics in systematic idea generation. (Industrial Engineering and Management)

Ylänne Henni. Herbivory control over tundra carbon storage under climate change. (Ecology and Genetics Research Unit)

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