Impact Camp

It is time to escape from your offices and labs for few days and work together in Tellus!

Do you work in research fields that have potential to develop technologies and devices that can change and even save the world? To complete that, you will need to work in multidisciplinary teams, market and use your skills, and learn to think out the box.

Impact Camp is a training environment to develop and enhance these skills: you will work in a group of about 12 doctoral students to develop solutions to a given innovation challenge, this time presented by hyperspectral imaging company Specim. You will also have guidance and feedback on how to introduce and sell your expertise or research.

Impact Camp will be organized in two main parts: 26.-28.2. and 21.-23.3. There is also a checkpoint meeting at 14.3. (see the figure below).

Quick facts:

  • Target: doctoral students, preference is given to I4FUTURE students
  • Group size: about 12 participants
  • Dates and times: February 26-28, Check point March 14, 14-16, March 21-23, each day 8.30-12
  • Task: Solve the innovation challenge, learn to communicate effectively, make new connections

Last updated: 5.4.2018