Masterclass Academic Writing: Successful Publishing in Major Academic Journals

Interested in taking the challenge of publishing in major academic journals? This workshop
offers the hands-on tools to improve both the quality of your article and the writing process.
Most researchers learn academic writing by trial and error, dedicated training speeds up the
learning process. This two-day Masterclass improves your understanding of how reviewers
determine the quality of academic papers and how you can write such articles. For the exercises,
we use published articles from your own field. This allows you to see how your peers apply the
principles discussed.

Many researchers struggle with the process of writing academic papers. Converting research into a publishable paper takes a thorough understanding of what the findings contribute to current knowledge. It also requires the author to understand and follow the standards of academic writing. After all, an academic paper is based on a research project but it entails much more than reporting a research project.

How to learn it?
Major academic journals have a low acceptance rate. What could make your paper to be that ‘special one’? Getting papers published requires talent and a bit of luck, but to a large extent it is about applying the right skills. Often, a better paper is the product of a better skilled author. As skills can be trained, it makes sense to invest in training academic writing skills. Our workshops provide the teaching and training necessary to acquire academic publishing skills. Over 1,700 researchers from more than 65 countries have successfully attended our workshops.

For whom?
Mastering Academic Writing is a two-day, full time Masterclass that aims at researchers with at least some experience in writing papers for peer-reviewed academic journals.

Workshop contents
This masterclass has three main aims. First, what determines article quality as assessed by journal editors and reviewers? In other words: what makes a paper valuable and interesting for a peer reviewed academic journal? Second, what is the best strategy to write a paper? How to start? How to ensure progress, even when facing other pressing obligations? Third, how to make an article fit a journal? How to build on previous research? How to design a compelling introduction? Case material: articles published in top journals from your own field.

Eelko Huizingh has been active in academic publishing for over 40 years. He is a prolific writer with over 350 publications, and editor of 30+ Special Issues of academic journals. Dr. Huizingh is affiliated with the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), and is Vice President Scientific Affairs of ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management).

Both courses are already full, but by filling in the registration form you can reserve a spot on the waiting list and will be informed about availability.

Last updated: 1.2.2018