Environmental Change and Sustainable Resource Use Science Days

Time: November Wed 21 - Fri 23, 2018
Place: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa Campus, Oulu

This event is s part of the activities of the Kvantum Institute and the related Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme.

The first day of the event introduces the highlights of the research in Sustainable Resource Use and Earth’s Changing Environment and provides introduction to the strategic research in two focus areas of the University of Oulu, ‘Creating sustainability through materials and systems’ and ‘Earth and near-space system and environmental change’. The programme consists of keynote lectures, the focus area spearhead project progress narratives and introduction of five new Emerging projects.

The second day is open for the presentations of doctoral candidates and other researchers.

The third day introduced the I4FUTURE projects.

This three-day seminar and workshop can also serve as a research plan seminar for doctoral students (1-2 cr), registration for the course is open in webOodi. Description and requirements for the course (480023J) here.

Call for abstracts
The second day is open for all that wish to introduce their research. Please submit an extended abstract for an oral and poster presentation (from one to four pages) on your research / research plan.

Please submit your abstract (with preference of oral/poster presentation) as a word file, including possible figures, using the given template by e-mail to riitta.kamula (at)oulu.fi.

The deadline for abstract submission is November 8, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author by November 15, 2018.

Costs and registration
The seminar is free of charge and open for all, registration is required for coffee service. Register through this link latest by 19th November, 2018.

Further information

  • Riitta Kamula, email: riitta.kamula (at) oulu.fi


DAY 1. Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Kvantum Science Day
Place: Stage, Tellus Innovation Arena, University of Oulu

Chair: Prof. Björn Klöve

10.00 - 10.05   Opening words

10.05 - 10.30   Keynote presentation
Hydrology of groundwater dependent ecosystems of the boreal landscape.  Professor Björn Klöve, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu; and Kvantum Institute

10:30 - 11:00  Emerging project introduction and Spearhead project updates

10:30-10:45 Bayesian techniques for radar observations of the near-Earth space. Post Doctoral Researcher Ilkka Virtanen

10:45-10:55 Impact of extreme weather events in the Arctic on technological system, critical facilities and urban environment. Professor Elena Kozlovskaya

10:55-11:05 Resource Optimization for Context-Aware Smart Cities SAFARI. Post Doctoral Researcher Sumudu Samarakoon

11:05 – 11:30 Coffee (complimentary)

11:30-11:40 Frontiers of Materials NMR. Post Doctoral Researchers Pär Håkansson and Vladimir Zhivonitko

11:40-11:50 Mesospheric Monitoring of Ozone above the Polar Vortex, MeMO. Post Doctoral Researcher Jia Jia

11:50-12:00 Climate and Atmospheric Effects of the Sun in Arctic Regions, CAESAR. Senior Research Fellow Timo Asikainen

12:00-12:10 Loss of ice in the Arctic system: geological perspective of global environmental change. Professor Kari Strand

12:10-12:20 Diversity of species interactions: a missing key for understanding biodiversity in a changing world. Post Doctoral Researcher Maximilian Vollstädt

12:20-12:30 Towards the genomic era in species identification and delimitation. Docent Marko Mutanen

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch (at own cost)

13:30 – 14:00 Keynote presentation
Soft X-ray studies of soft matter. Academy Research Fellow Minna Patanen, Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit and Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu

14:00 – 14:30 Emerging project introduction and Spearhead project updates

14:00 – 14:15 Zero-CO2 cement concept viaphase-separated nanoglass. Senior Research Fellow Päivö Kinnunen

14:15-14:25 Ecology and evolution in trophic interactions in changing boreal forest habitats. Docent Seppo Rytkönen

14:25-14:35 Impact of mining on the rate of molecular aging in Arctic wildlife. Professor Phillip Watts

14:35-14:45 Surface-groundwater interaction in boreal peatland-esker systems: conceptualization of hydrogeological process, integrated numerical modelling and assessment of climate change. Post Doctoral Researcher Hannu Marttila

14:45-14:55 Understanding and predicting environmental change in northern rivers: biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a changing climate. Professor Timo Muotka

14:55 - 15:10 Summary and closing remarks

15:10 Cocktail party and entertainment

   * * *

DAY 2. Thursday, November 22, 2017
TNS-DP Research Seminar

Place: Lecture Room AT 122, University of Oulu

  • Researcher presentations with discussions and a workshop (optional)
  • Time for oral presentations 15+5 min; for poster presentations 10+5 min.

Chair: Coordinator Riitta Kamula

09.15 - 09.20    Opening words

09:20 – 09:45   Keynote presentation
Heading North - My Science Career in the Central Lapland. Thomas Ulich, Vice Director, Head of Observations, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu

09:45 - 10:00   Is titmice abundance an indicator of forest bird abundance and diversity over large spatial scales? Doctoral student Mira Kajanus, Ecology and Genetics Research Unit

10:00-10:30 Coffee (complimentary)

10:30-10:50 Quantification of Complex Ecological Interactions Driving the Epidemiology of Wildlife-Originated Zoonotic Diseases in the Changing Northern Environment. Doctoral Student Mahdi Aminikhah

10:50-11:10 Developing Vanadium Recovery Technologies from Liquid Wastes. Doctoral Student Ruichi Zhang

11:10-11:30 Observation and analysis of snow variability and runoff in boreal catchments. Doctoral Student Leo-Juhani Meriö

11:30-11:50 Impact of mining activities on river water quality in Seurujoki River. Doctoral Student Navid Yaraghi

11:50-12:10 Effect of Energetic Electron Precipitation on Earth’s Atmosphere. Doctoral Student Antti Salminen, Space Climate Research Unit

12:10-13:00 Lunch (at own cost)

13:00 – 13:20   Poster presentation

  • Dynamics and deglaciation patterns of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in Oulu/Northern Karelia area, Central Finland during the Weichselian Stag. Doctoral Student Tiina Nikarmaa

13:20-13:40 Network slicing for next generation vehicular communication. Doctoral Student Hamza Khan

13:40-14:00 Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Vehicular Networks: Taming the Age of Information Tail. Doctoral Student Mohamed Abdelaziz


Workshop on interactive participation and coffee

15:30-15:45 Wrap-up and end of the day

   * * *

DAY 3. Friday, November 23, 2018
I4FUTURE Project Day
Place: Stage, Tellus Innovation Arena, University of Oulu

Chair: Prof. M. Huttula

9:00 Opening, Introduction of I4FUTURE doctoral programme (M. Huttula)

I4FUTURE Projects – recent results and plans for the future


9:30 The Effects of Impact Velocity and ground material on the Stress/Strain distribution within Hip and Pelvic during sideway fall. Shahab Khakpour

9:45 Non-invasive Assessment of Meat Freshness Using visible to near-infrared Spectroscopy. Mona Peyvasteh

10:00 Characterization of non-metallic inclusions in steels using Raman spectroscopy. Francis Gyakwaa

10:15 Advanced imaging of Lignocellulose materials. Mostafa Ismail

10:30 Coffee (complimentary)

11:00 Berry cuticular wax: Composition, morphology, biosynthesis and effect of environmental factors. Priyanka Trivedi

11:15 In situ and operando spectroscopy in the development of clear-air-catalyst materials. Felipe Lopes da Silva

11:30 From synchrotrons to climate change. Georgia Michailoudi

11:45 Imaging of exosomes in mental health and addiction. Atiqul Haq Mazumder

12:00 NMR studies of rare-earth phosphate. Roya Khalili

12:15 Closing remarks (M. Huttula)


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