UniOGS mentoring programme 2018-19

UniOGS mentoring programme 2018-2019


Do you want to develop your working life skills, discuss career-related issues, or clarify your future career prospects?

If you do, you may apply for the UniOGS Mentoring Programme 2018-19 edition.


Call for applications in UniOGS Mentoring Programme 2018-19 edition is now open until 29.10.2018 at 12.00 (noon).


Target group: Doctoral students who expect to complete their doctoral degree within the next two years and are interested in planning and managing their future career prospects.


Link to application form: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/A0C72A856E8E4752.par


Mentoring is a learning relationship between the mentor and the mentee (student). It aims to support student in career planning and working-life skills. An expert from work-life (mentor) and a doctoral student (mentee/actor) have 1-to-1 meetings in which they will discuss work-life and career related topics. In addition to 1-to-1 meetings, three common meetings for all mentors and mentees will be arranged: a kick-off meeting, a mid-point meeting and a final meeting.


Doctoral students who apply must be willing to commit to the Programme, and actively build and maintain the mentor-mentee relationship. Applicants will be interviewed before the start of the Programme.


Preliminary schedule:


8.10.-29.10. at 12 (noon): application period 

17.10.2018 Linnanmaa, Tellus Innovation Arena/Stage. Info session for students: 12.00 in Finnish, 13.00 in English

31.10.-2.11.2018, 8.00-16.00 Interviews for doctoral students (in Tellus)

30.11.2018 Training session for mentees (Tellus Innovation Arena/Stage), 9.00 in Finnish, 10.00 in English

4.12.2018 at 16.30 (mentees join 17.15) Linnanmaa campus, Agora. Kick-off meeting for all mentors and mentees.

12.2.2019 at 16.30 (Tellus) Mid-way meeting for all mentors and mentees.

25.4.2019 at 16.30 (Tellus) Final meeting for all mentors and mentees.


More information on mentoring can be found from (English)






Please note that the UniOGS Mentoring Programme 2018-19 is arranged together with the Master level mentoring programme, with (almost) the same schedule. Applicants for the UniOGS Mentoring Programme will be personally contacted for exact details and next steps. 

Last updated: 19.10.2018