Sustainable management of nature-human systems in regions with intensive land and water use

A mini-seminar on land-water-societal responses on 27.11.2018 at the University of Oulu, Finland

Outline: This workshop and PhD lecture day that focus a key global challenge; on managing human-nature systems sustainably to satisfy the needs of ecosystems and the humans that depend on them. Since the green revolution in 1950’s, intense land use has led to economic development and prosperity for some at, at a consequence of water systems and the human and natural system that depend on it. Intensive land use has led to deforestation, desertification, dramatic groundwater level drawdown, reduced river flow, and a severe pollution of surface and groundwater systems. Many wetlands have disappeared or been severely degraded. Biodiversity loss and the natural resources degradation is a major concern that threaten human well-being, prosperity and security in unpredicted ways.

The overuse of water is a well known fact in many countries around the globe. The technical ways to preserve water systems, such as “safe yield” concept in groundwater management, have been known for decades. However, overuse continues and has led to severe damage in many regions, as in the short-run, agricultural development benefits from the aggressive use of land, water, and other resources, while in the long-run can lead to considerable losses and “tragedy of the commons”. The workshop intends to outline and discuss institutional and technical bottlenecks, provide holistic methods for analyzing nature-human systems and discuss robust ways to address the existing and expected problems.


Place TBC

12:00-13:00  HydroSocialExtremes: Uncovering the mutual shaping of hydrological extremes and society

13:00-14:00 Challenges in human-nature systems management: mismanagement, mis-modelling and institutional barriers

14:00-15:00 Break for coffee

Place TBC

15:00-15:30 Uncertainty determination of artificial intelligent techniques in the field of water resources management

15:30-16:15 A top-down modelling chain and a bottom-up participatory approach to codevelop sustainable climate change adaptation strategies

16:15-17:00 Summary thoughts and discussion on holistic and robust ways to manage nature-human systems


  • Prof. Giuliano Di Baldassarre - Uppsala University
  • Roohollah Noori - University of Tehran
  • Prof. Manuel Pulido Velázquez - Technical University of Valencia

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28.11.2018 Public Doctoral thesis defense: The role of climate and land use change in Lake Urmia desiccation” by M.Sc. Nasim Fazel Modares

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