HS-DP Calendar of events 2019


For timing and registration – please contact the course convenor.


Eye tracking research in human sciences (Spring 2019)     

Course convenor: Katja Dindar, Postdoctoral researcher

Kielikontaktit / Language contacts (Spring 2019)               

Course convenor: Maria Frick, docent

Pragmatics, play and theory of mind – development through interaction (Spring 2019)                

Course convenor: Kerttu Huttunen, Professor of Logopedics

Benchmarking for internationalization (February-March 2019)

Course convenor: Elina Lehtomäki, Professor

Näkökulmia työelämän tutkimukseen (2-6/2019)

Course convenor: Maarit Siromaa, University lecturer

Nexus analysis in studying (inter)action online (March-April 2019)     

Course convenor: Leena Kuure, Docent, University Lecturer

Qualitative methods workshop (2nd of April 2019)

Course convenor: Kristiina Henttu-Aho

Undisciplined visions: introduction to new creative visual research methods and practices (20-24.5.2018)    

Course convenor: Élise Lépy, Dr

SDGs in HSDP: Sustainable development in academic research (May-June 2019)    

Course convenor: Elina Lehtomäki, Professor

Monuments, visual representations, and spaces of dark heritage (August 2019)         

Course convenor: Timo Ylimaunu, Dosentti, University lecturer

Business theory and thought, code: 722010J (The course is held in the autumn semester, during period II)

Course convenor: Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Professor

Materiality and the conduct of everyday life in studying innovative practices (2019)  

Jenni Virtaluoto, University Lecturer

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