Qualitative methods workshop 2nd of April 2019

Qualitative methods workshop 2nd of April 2019

The teacher of the Qualitative Methods Workshop is Dr. Kate Black, an Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching at Newcastle Business School, University of Northumbria in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which is located in the North East of England.

Kate’s main area of research lies in the field of identity.  Adopting a social constructionist approach, her publications typically examine learning as a process of becoming, that is, of on-going identity formation.  Her research adopts a largely qualitative approach, with particular emphasis upon alternative research methods such as visual methods and autoethnography and upon interpretative hermeneutics.

Kate also undertakes pedagogic research examining such areas as student attendance and engagement and the role of assessment feedback in students’ learning.  One of her current projects is exploring the effectiveness of a student peer-assisted learning scheme (PALS) for developing a sense-of-community across our full-time undergraduate Business School programmes.


The workshop will consist of two parts that you can choose both or just one:

Part I: Discourse analysis 2nd of April, 10-12:00 (2h), Tellus Galaxy

Title: “It’s not what’s said that matters …”

Overview: This workshop will provide insights into the nature of discourse analysis and its use for examining spoken and written text.  We will draw from the analytic tools proposed by Gee (2011) and colleagues, to scrutinise an existing company document, in order to better understand its purpose and underlying assumptions.

Part II: Visual and Autoethnography 2nd of April, 12:30-14:30 (2h), Tellus Galaxy

Title: "New ways of seeing in management inquiry"

Overview: This workshop will consider whether conventional approaches to management inquiry provide us with the insights that we really need to understand many of the contemporary phenomenon that challenge organisations.  We will examine the potential of two alternative research methods (visual and autoethnography) for examining the more complex and often intangible facets of organisations and their people.

Target group: Researchers and doctoral students at Human Sciences
Date: Tuesday 2nd April
Place: Tellus Galaxy

Optional participation in one or the other part of the workshop or both.

Other information: Maximum amount of participants is 30.
Registration required LINK
For more information please contact: Kristiina Henttu-Aho <tiina.henttu-aho@oulu.fi>

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