Dimensional Analysis in Engineering

Lectures, presentations and group work will take place in October 22-24, 2019 at the University of Oulu, Oulu. Teacher of the course is Professor em. Bengt Lundberg, Applied Mechanics, Uppsala University.

Dimensional analysis is an efficient method that can be used to facilitate theoretical, numerical and experimental work in engineering. By its use, the results obtained through such work can be made more general, more easily interpreted and better presented. Yet, in many disciplines, this method is far from being used to its full potential.

Aim: The aim of the course is to give prerequisites for effective use of dimensional analysis in theoretical, numerical and experimental work in engineering. The importance of using physical insight and engineering sense in order to identify essential effects and phenomena in a particular problem is emphasized.

Target group: The course is aimed for doctoral students of  natural sciences and all fields of technology. BSc-level courses in physics, mechanics, solid mechanics and electricity are suitable background.

Language: English

Contents: Lectures: Physical quantities and their dimensions. Relations between physical quantities. Choices of initial, primary and dimensionless quantities. Size, shape and geometric similarity in engineering devices and in nature. Dimensional considerations in theoretical, numerical and experimental work. Illustrative mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal, and mixed problems. Engineering problems such as finding the power required to drive a fan, the performance of an eddy-current brake, or the efficiency of a percussive drill. Group work: Dimensional analyses of problems related to the participants’ own areas of interest. Presentations of group work.

Course material: Copies of Power Point presentations will be handed out.

Examination: Full participation in each session is required.

Time and place:

Tuesday 22 October
08.15-12.00  Lectures, discussion (Place tba)
13.15-15.00  Lectures, discussion (Place tba)
15.15-17.00  Group work (Place tba)

Wednesday 23 October
08.15-12.00  Lectures, discussion (Place tba)
Afternoon   Group work. Free choice of place

Thursday 24 October
Morning   Group work. Free choice of place
13.15-17.00  Presentations of group work (Place tba)

More information about the course:
Prof. Zongxian Zhang (Zongxian.zhang (at) oulu.fi)

Registrations in webOodi (course code will be announced later).             

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