Benchmarking for internationalisation

Benchmarking for internationalisation

2 ECTS credits

Target group:

Doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers in human sciences.

Visiting scholars:

Professor Sheila Trahar, University of Bristol

Senior researcher Leasa Weimer, European Association for International Education/Finnish Institute for Educational Research

The participants will: 

  • have knowledge of European and global higher education internationalisation processes
  • be capable of locating their research in the European and global context
  • be familiar with higher education quality assurance models
  • have knowledge of emerging and cutting-edge themes, and novel research approaches to study internationalisation as a transdisciplinary field


1. European and global higher education internationalisation research

2. techniques for identifying knowledge gaps and designing research projects that reach beyond the state-of-art

3. comparison and benchmarking of internationalisation within higher education quality assurance models

4. introduction of novel research approaches to higher education internationalisation (qualitative comparative research, future studies with imaginary, online dialogue research, transdisciplinary analysis, autoethnography, student voice)     

Modes of learning

Learning will include individual reading suggested by the visiting scholars (pre-workshop task), active engagement in discussions during the two-day workshop, guided by introductions by the visiting scholars, and after the workshop participation in the online dialogue on topics selected by the participants.

Self-assessment and peer assessment which are commonly used in quality assurance (online) will be a part of the course.



Last updated: 8.3.2019