683777J Nexus analysis in studying (inter)action online


Name and code of course: 683777J Nexus analysis in studying (inter)action online
Organizing unit: English Philology (COACT research community) in collaboration with the INTERACT research unit
ECTS Credits: 3 ECTS/ 81 hours of work
Language of Instruction: English
Timing: The timing of the course is Autumn 2019. An intensive workshop of two days will take place 12–13 November, 2019 (course schedule 9:00-16 on both days and an optional group meeting for individual guidance on either day, 16-18.
Learning outcomes: Upon completion the student should be able to display an understanding of the use of nexus analysis in the study of (inter)actions online.
Contents: Nexus analysis is a research strategy that is well suited for the analysis of complex (inter)actions online. The students will familiarize themselves with the use of nexus analysis in online research and relate this understanding in practice to a case study of their choice.
Mode of delivery: Getting acquainted with prereading materials 20 h; participation in two or three full day workshops including lectures and team work 18 h; writing a reflective essay 43 h
Learning activities and teaching methods: Various learning activities and teaching methods. Study on key readings independently before the workshop days. Full participation during the workshop (lectures, group work and presentations). A reflective essee in the end.
Target group: Doctoral students at the University of Oulu interested in the study of social action and interaction in technology-rich environments and online.
Prerequisites and co-requisites: No prerequisites. The course is an independent entity and does not require additional studies carried out at the same time.
Recommended or required reading: A reading list of required and recommended readings will be determined before the course.
Assessment methods and criteria: Active participation in the workshops; successful contribution to team work; reflective essay based on readings and viewpoints generated during the course
Grading: pass/fail
Person responsible: Leena Kuure, University Lecturer Emerita (Docent)
Working life cooperation: Possible depending on the participants’ research topics.
Other information: The course is organised in a flexible way to allow both beginners and more advanced researchers (doctoral students, and researchers) using nexus analysis to take part. This particular course 2019 is focusing on Internet research. It can serve as a follow up for previous courses or as an independent course. Guest teacher, Associate Professor Malene Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark.