Methods of Observational Astrophysics

Planned time: 28.10.-1.11.2019
Place: Tuorla, Turku, Finland
Extent: 6 cr

Main picture: Joachim Janz

The goals of the course
Lectures and exercises will introduce the participants to the observing capabilities of the NOT (Nordic Optical Telescope) and different observing techniques (e.g. imaging, spectroscopy, polarimetry) and software packages used in data reduction. The participants will also learn how to prepare and carry out the observations, reduce and analyze the data and finally present the results. 

The type of the course
Main part of the course will be organized as an intensive course in the Tuorla observatory. In addition to lectures and computer exercises, the participants will also carry out observations with NOT in remote mode.    

The content of the course
The preliminary contents of the course are as follows: capabilities of NOT, optical imaging, spectroscopy, polarimetry, practical exercises with the data reduction package IRAF, remote observations during five nights, the reduction of the obtained data, presentation of the results (after the intensive course). 

More information and contact person
Course web page with more information about the course will be published later.

Contact person Joachim Janz (firstname.lastname @



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