Innovation and enterpreneurship for PhDs in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

A new course
Extent 2 cr

Course teachers: Dr. Anna Maria Pirttilä, Doc. Annamari Markkola, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Dr. Maarit Jokela (University Innovation Centre), visiting teacher Juhani Lahdenperä (BSUM Oy)

Course Contents
Researchers are highly oriented in working in academic or governmental institutions and the distance to the world of companies and entrepreneurship is usually great. However, recently there have been innovations originating from biological fields and the pathways to industry seem to be opening. A number of research results could well be developed and applied for various commercial activities if only the skills and knowledge for such was available. The course is aimed at improving the readiness of a student to start commercialization of research results, narrow the distance between companies and academic research, and even starting an own start-up company. During the course, the student will obtain and improve common working life skills, such as communication and presentation skills, budgeting and writing project plans. The course will deal with entrepreneurship, companies, and their operating principles. The students will work in a team on an innovation (real or fictionary) and develop it towards commercialization. The team will produce a pitchdeck, practice pitching, write a project plan, get familiar with starting a company and visit a company. Contents of the course are roughly as follows:

  1.   Grouping, presenting ideas 
  2.   Development of the selected idea (NABC), visit to a company
  3.   Patenting 
  4.   How to pitch
  5.   Company funding sources, budgeting, raising funding
  6.   Applying for funding
  7.    Starting a company
  8.   Pitching seminar

Target group
The course is aimed for 15 doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in the fields of biology, chemistry and environmental engineering.

Language: English

Pitching presentation, funding application, and learning diary (graded 1-5).

Tentative schedule
02.10.19 14.15-16.00  MA335
15.10.19 14.15-16.00  IT137
16.10.19 14.15-16.00  AT117
29.10.19 14.15-16.00  IT137
31.10.19 14.15-16.00  TH101
20.11.19 14.15-16.00  TBA
21.11.19 14.15-16.00  TBA
27.11.19 14.15-16.00  TBA
28.11.19 14.15-16.00  TH107
04.12.19 14.15-16.00  TBA
05.12.19 14.15-16.00  IT136  
17.12.19 14.15-16.00  TH107

Register to the course before 23rd Sept by email to Anna Maria Pirttilä (am.pirttila at
IMPORTANT: A short motivation letter attached with your registration is mandatory.


Last updated: 12.9.2019