Study requirements for geosciences and mining engineering and mineral processing

Doctoral degree programme: Geosciences and mining engineering and mineral processing
Responsible person: Elena Kozlovskaya

Total: 35 credits

Field specific studies 24-30 credits:

  • Research plan seminar 4 credits
  • Other field specific studies 11-17 credits
  • Written post-graduate exam 9 credits

General and transferrable skills studies 5 credits:

  • Introduction to UniOGS 1 credit
  • Research ethics 2 credits
  • Follow-up group meetings and reporting  1 credit
  • Other general and transferrable skills studies 1 credit

Teaching tasks 0-6 credits (when the student has passed at least 2 credits of university pedagogical studies)

Additional information:
Students without a background in geology may be required to take up to 15 credits of brigding studies.


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