According to University law (794/2004) 5 22§, “a doctoral dissertation may also be approved with a number of scientific publications, or manuscripts vetted for publication and deemed sufficient by the university, which deal with the same set of problems, and a paper summarizing the findings or some other work which meets similar scientific criteria”. In line with this, the University of Oulu Graduate School has defined that the doctoral thesis should show evidence that the doctoral student can independently and critically apply scientific research methods and generate new scientific knowledge. A doctoral thesis can be a compilation of published research articles and manuscripts, and a summary based on these, or it can be a monograph. A compilation-based thesis may include multiple published articles, accepted manuscripts or other manuscripts, but a single article published, or accepted for publication, in a high-quality scientific journal can be sufficient. The doctoral thesis may contain joint publications, or manuscripts, if the independent contribution of the doctoral student can be clearly demonstrated.

A same publication may be included in several theses if the author’s own contribution can be clearly demonstrated and if the author(s) of the other theses in which the article is included give their written permission. The doctoral training should be defined in a way that the doctoral degree can be completed within a time equivalent to four years of full-time studies.

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Last updated: 20.12.2017