TINY TOT- Integrating Industry and business co-operation to the Development of Doctoral Training

Tohtorikoulutuksen innovaatiovalmennuksen ja yritysyhteistyön kehittäminen

Project description

TINY TOT project has ended 31.12.2020. 


Tiny TOT - Integrating Industry and business co-operation to the Development of Doctoral Training - project developed doctoral training at the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) during 2017-2020. The project aim was to develop doctoral training at the University of Oulu, increase co-operation and interaction between the students and the companies, and develop skills that are needed for postgraduate employment in companies.

Tiny TOT project created a new model for company collaboration called “Industrial Doctorate” together with UniOGS and University Innovation Center (UIC). Industrial Doctorate is a new concept for carrying out collaborative doctoral research projects. The research topic is based on the needs of the company. In Industrial Doctorate, the collaboration consists of a four-year project, where the research topic is defined together by the research unit and the organization. The official scientific supervision of the doctoral research takes place at the university, and the company representative will have a supporting, unofficial role in the process. In this way, we will ensure both the scientific and practical relevance of the collaborative research work. Moreover, the collaborating organizational partner covers 50 % of the doctoral researcher’s salary costs.

One of the project’s outcomes was the survey related to the University of Oulu Graduate School’s (UniOGS) collaboration with micro and smallsized companies. Surveys and interviews conducted for the study examined the views of doctoral researchers and dissertation supervisors at the UniOGS and micro and small entrepreneurs in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. The study emphasized e.g., the importance of co-operation between doctoral education and companies. 


European Social Funded TINY TOT project develops doctoral training at University of Oulu. Goal of the project is to develop doctoral training to increase doctoral student skills by including training in innovations, business development and understanding of R&D driving needs of companies therefore, complementing skills and added value of new doctoral graduates to their future employers. Also, practices to increase co-operation and interaction between the students and the companies will be tested out. 

As an example of practical actions of this project, a pilot courses will be carried out with Marie Curie EU COFUND/I4Future group of doctoral students. For example, business development course and multi-disciplinary courses will be organized to increase skills in terms of innovation.

Expected results of the project are increasing employment rate of doctors as well as the new courses and practices that are transferred and included into the doctoral training at University of Oulu. 


Courses in Autumn 2020

From ideas into innovative venturing 29.9-2.10

Presentations skills training - Impact camp course 3-19.11

From ideas to enterprises 30.11-3.12

Project coordinator

University of Oulu