1 870 applicants from 100 countries to international degree programmes

Altogether 1 870 applicants submitted their applications to the international degree programmes during the application period which ended January 23, 2019.  The number is slightly higher than before the introduction of tuition fees, however, there was a drop from last year’s record numbers (3 475).  This year, the University of Oulu has a stricter scholarship programme and language requirements compared to previous year.

International master’s programmes received altogether 1 749 applications. The top three programmes applicants applied to were International Business Management (312 applications), Computer Science and Engineering (246 applications) and Environmental Engineering (207 applications). This year, applicants had the ability to apply for up to three programmes as opposed to up to six programmes last year. 121 applications were submitted to the international bachelor’s degree programme, International Teacher Education.

“We are satisfied with the results, considering that every student from outside EU and EEA countries pay tuition fees. Our goal is to enhance targeted marketing, sharpen admissions requirements and improve the applicant journey. Screening the best fitting students already during the application period makes it easier for the programmes to select the best students”, says Marja Jokinen, the University of Oulu Communications and Marketing Director.

Applicants for the master’s programmes at the University of Oulu reside around the world and similar to previous years, the majority of applications were received from Nigeria, Ghana, and Pakistan.  This year we have also seen a growth in the share of applicants within the EU. Approximately 12 percent of all the applications received were from EU and EEA countries. More in depth figures will be available at a later date.

Finland introduced tuition fees for non EU and ETA students in 2017. It is possible for the applicants to apply for a scholarship covering 75% of the tuition fee in the Univeristy of Oulu Scholarship Programme. During this application round, 77% of the applicants subject to a tuition fee applied for a scholarship.

Student selections for the international master’s programmes will be published in the beginning of March, after which the selected students will confirm their study places.

Last updated: 25.1.2019