Learning new techniques and skills in an open atmosphere

How does the brain deal with metabolic waste and what role does that play in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer? Those are questions Abhishek Singh, a PhD student in the Biocenter Oulu, is researching for his thesis. After studying and working in Helsinki, the Indian researcher was looking for new opportunities.

“I wanted to learn some new techniques, especially medical imaging. When I came to Biocenter Oulu for the interview and I saw all the instruments they have, it was just evident that I had to come here. It was a dream come true,” he laughs.

In Finnish universities Abhishek appreciates the low hierarchies and the research environment. “You can approach professors easily and you are given a lot of independence, which is important for becoming a good researcher.” Abhishek is happy about the open and straight forward discussions about his skills and future, that he can have with his colleagues and superiors anytime.

After settling in and getting to know Oulu, Abhishek is happy with his new home: “The city of Oulu is beautiful, there are few people and it is right next to the sea – and of course there are northern lights, which is the biggest reason why I like it here,” he explains.


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Last updated: 3.12.2020