Oulu, the "Silicon Valley" of 5G

Ahnaf Ahmad
Wireless Communications Engineering
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I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I have always had a strong affection towards technology, even as a child. When searching for Master’s degree study opportunities, I came across an article about Oulu naming the city the “Silicon Valley” of 5G. I was impressed by the article, and that is how my mind was made up: I chose to apply to the University of Oulu and luckily, was accepted to study towards a Master’s degree.

The University of Oulu is a place with many opportunities at one's department and across the campus. As I am from Bangladesh, Oulu seems like a calm and quiet city for me and it took me some time to get used to that. However, I was to find out that Oulu is a very active place and that the calmness actually helps you to study and I have started rather loving it. As for the opportunities that keep me busy: You have seminars, workshops and gaming activities all the time.

I find the campus area very special because there are trees everywhere, forests if you like, and also lakes. Taking a walk or cycling in that surrounding is something I utterly enjoy. As my favorite season is winter, I just love it here even though I have to cope with the cold (in Bangladesh, it rarely comes to 8 degrees Celsius, not to mention sub-zero temperatures).

Applying and studying here has proven to be one of the best choices of my life. If you want any information regarding the university and student life in Oulu, I will be more than happy to help. It will be a pleasure to share my experience with you – just send me a message!

Last updated: 17.1.2019