Theory and practical opportunities - and becoming a global citizen

I am Aileen Gutierrez, Master’s degree student in the Economics programme. Being at the University of Oulu has allowed me to not only study economics, but also to gain a variety of experiences and opportunities. 

Oulu itself is a city unlike any city I have visited; the city has beautiful architecture, lakes, lanes for cycling, and large expanses of nature. Adding to this environment are the opportunities available. As someone who is entrepreneurial, as well as excited to learn, the programs and activities held at the university, or in the city, are perfect (such as the startup weekend). You are challenged by the courses, and able to improve on skills that are relevant to work life outside of classes! 

When deciding where to study for the Master’s, I felt that the environment, and ability to pursue my interests were some of the most important characteristics, but when I got here it became clear that an international student body was just as important. Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds allows us to see things from a different point of view, and this teaches us to become global citizens.

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Last updated: 22.6.2020