The decision to choose the University of Oulu has been one of the best ones I have made in my life

Aleksandra Lazareva
Learning, Education and Technology
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My name is Aleksandra Lazareva, and currently I am in my second year of studies in the University of Oulu international Master’s degree program in Learning, Education and Technology. I have been living in Oulu for more than one year already, and this time has brought me a great variety of valuable experiences.

I am taking part in the Alumni Ambassador program because I have a strong attachment to the University of Oulu, and being a part of local student community is very important for my self-identification. I would be glad to support the University by sharing my experience with prospective students.

My Oulu
I studied in Russia to be a teacher of English and Norwegian. During my last year of studies my research interests were quite clear to me: I became particularly interested in the use of educational technology and student motivation. That was the time when I started looking for options to continue my education on the Master’s degree level. I was really excited  when I found the program in Learning, Education and Technology because it seemed to be exactly what I wanted to learn, and it provided good opportunities for research. I am both happy and proud to say that the longer I study in the program, the better I realize that the decision to choose the University of Oulu has been one of the best ones I have made in my life.

It is not only my study program that I enjoy here. It is great to be a student of the University of Oulu in general. I like to be in the University because of its inviting and friendly atmosphere. One can meet people from all over the world here, and have a chance to take part in various events and activities planned by student organizations. I think that anyone would find something exciting and interesting for themselves in the University of Oulu. When speaking about the city of Oulu, I can say the same thing - here are many places to be visited and a lot of different events and shows taking place throughout the year. As a foreigner, you will not really experience a lot of difficulties communicating with locals in English. And I have to say that nature is extremely beautiful in Oulu - it  is great to be outside, walk, bike, or go for a run.

Many opportunities
Besides my studies and research I am taking part in some other activities. This semester I have been a student tutor for a group of exchange students and one of the event coordinators of Cafe Lingua organized by Erasmus Student Network and the language centre. I have also been doing volunteer teaching at a primary school and working on a project in Demola Oulu. Although it is sometimes difficult to schedule all the activities, I can say that I really enjoy everything I am doing here in Oulu. I appreciate it that I have a chance to be active in different contexts, learn new things and improve professional skills.

Last updated: 17.1.2019