1.7.2019 News

Student admissions results published – congratulations to all successful applicants!

All the student admissions results for the University of Oulu have now been published.

26.6.2019 News

6G Flagship’s board of experts want to push through hype and find meaningful solutions

The Scientific Advisory Board of the 6G Flagship programme convened for the first time in beautiful Lapland in the very first 6G Summit at the top of Levi ski resort. The director of 6G Flagship at the University of Oulu, Professor Matti Latva-aho, extended his gratitude to all the conference attendants as well as to the Board, patrons and sponsors.  The Summit was all about considering the future world beyond 5G and towards 6G. We decided to sit down with the Scientific Advisory Board and have a conversation on what the future holds.

25.6.2019 News

New measuring technique and better care for joint cartilage damage as objectives

New methods for the research and treatment of joint cartilage damage are being developed at the University of Oulu. So far, the results of the extensive international projects MIRACLE and RESTORE are promising.

19.6.2019 News

New evidence about the bone strengthening effects of different forms of exercise from archaeological perspective

Medical research has confirmed it, and now archaeologists have as well: forms of exercise that involve shaking and vibrations are the best for strengthening bones. The archaeological research carried out at the University of Oulu also found that exercise involving repeated vibrations combined with a larger muscle cross-sectional area is the most effective for strengthening bones.

18.6.2019 News

Finnish Science Award to Professor Heli Jantunen

Professor Heli Jantunen of the University of Oulu is the winner of the Finnish Science Award 2019. The award is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture based on a proposal of the Academy of Finland. It was presented by Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko during the Science Forum.

18.6.2019 News

A focus on fibrosis research at the University of Oulu

Research related to fibrotic diseases is one of the profiling themes of research conducted at the University of Oulu.

18.6.2019 News

Connectivity expert Tarik Taleb wants to make noise about 6G

Professor Tarik Taleb is all about networks. Not in the social mingling, here-is-my-business-card-we-should-do-lunch sense, although he is no doubt proficient in that, too. Taleb runs the MOSA!C Lab in Aalto University and, according to him, everything the lab does is related to connectivity. Taleb has been involved with the 6G Flagship from the start and is working on the first white paper on the subject with professor Matti Latva-aho and the team. Taleb is bridging the research collaboration between Aalto University and the University of Oulu and splits his time between the two universities.

13.6.2019 News

Mobile phone measures the ease of breathing

A new innovation developed at the University of Oulu makes it easier to measure asthmatics’ breathing, among other things. The smartphone-based application is an easy and cost-effective alternative to expensive hospital examinations.

12.6.2019 News

Jouko Niinimäki re-elected as Rector of the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu Board of Directors re-elected the current Rector Jouko Niinimäki, 52, for the term of 2020–2024 at a meeting held on 12 June 2019.

12.6.2019 News

New Academy Projects, Postdoctoral Researchers and Academy Research Fellows to the University of Oulu

The Academy of Finland has granted altogether 16.2 million euros funding for 28 Academy projects, three Academy Research Fellows and eight Postdoctoral researchers working at the University of Oulu. The funding was granted from 1 September 2019 onwards.

11.6.2019 News

University of Oulu starts collaboration in next-generation mobile communications with South Korean research institute

 The University of Oulu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) from South Korea. The agreement concerns collaboration in 5G and 6G mobile communications. The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Hyun Kim, Vice-President of Hyper-Connected Communication Research Laboratory and Dr. Jouko Niinimäki, rector of the University of Oulu.

7.6.2019 News

Professor Welker with his colleagues contributes to MOSAiC expedition

Jeff Welker, UArctic Research Chair and Professor of the University of Oulu and the University of Alaska Anchorage, and colleagues from across the Arctic will be contributing to MOSAiC, the largest Arctic scientific expedition, with their studies of the Arctic Water Isotope Cycle.

6.6.2019 News

Finnish steel research concentrated in Oulu

The Genome of Steel profiling project, which gets funding from the Academy of Finland, is making great strides forward at the University of Oulu. The project has led to a concentration of steel research in Oulu, and a strengthening of skills and knowledge among researchers. The head of the project, Professor Jukka Kömi, estimates that three quarters of steel research in Finland takes place in Oulu.

5.6.2019 News

11th Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu in May 2020

University of Oulu will hold its 11th Doctoral Conferment Ceremony in spring 2020.

4.6.2019 News

Farmers in the north of Finland practised a mixed economy in medieval times

Farmers who lived in Finland in the Middle Ages and the early Modern Age (1400–1700) made very versatile use of their environment by practising a mixed economy. Domestic animals grazed on natural pastures, and bunches of tree branches and lichen were collected for them as feed. In addition to farming and animal husbandry, residents of Northern Finland engaged in hunting and fishing.

4.6.2019 News

Long-term research on plant communities in the endangered tundra

The combined effects of reindeer grazing and climate change on Arctic vegetation are largely unknown, says Risto Virtanen, Senior Curator at the University of Oulu Botanical Museum.

“The tundra is the real Arctic. There are individual plant species that react individually to these change factors. We are interested in what happens at the community level.”

31.5.2019 News

Liisa Jaakonsaari to join the Board of the University of Oulu

The experienced politician wants to defend science and education.

29.5.2019 News

Corpse management of an invasive ant inhibits spread of pathogenic fungi

Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) is an invasive pest that has spread from South America during the past 160 years to all over the world, including Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The ant is able to reduce biodiversity by displacing native species, inflict damage to infrastructure and agriculture, and cause domestic nuisance.

24.5.2019 News

Pollen season increases health problems and even mortality

Pollen forecasts appear in weather forecasts around mid-March when alder and hazel start to bloom. It is common knowledge that people with asthma and allergies get symptoms but the APTA project showed that the start of the pollen season also increases mortality due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


24.5.2019 News

Three applicants qualified for interviews in the university’s rector application process

On 22 May 2019, the University of Oulu Board of Directors processed the applications for the position of the Rector of the University of Oulu for the term 2020–2024.

22.5.2019 News

Innovation award for women goes to professor Heli Jantunen

Paula Risikko, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, has given the innovation award for women to professor Heli Jantunen for inventing a low-temperature method for producing ceramic components. Jantunen works at the University of Oulu. The prize is worth EUR 110,000.

21.5.2019 News

Six applied for the position of the University Rector

Six persons have applied for the position of the rector of the University of Oulu for the term 2020–2024.

21.5.2019 News

University of Oulu receives 6.6 million euros for strengthening the profiling of research

The Academy of Finland has made funding decisions aimed at strengthening the profiling of university research. The University of Oulu received a total of €6.6 million to strengthen the research of digital health, circular economies of non-organic side flows, mathematical analysis of large datasets, and artificial intelligence. The four-year funding is aimed at supporting the development of research areas chosen by universities based on their overall strategies and at improving the conditions for high quality research.

20.5.2019 News

Prediabetes does not increase the cardiac risk of patients with CAD

Prediabetes, the precursor stage before type 2 diabetes, does not increase the cardiac risk of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). An extensive study led by the University of Oulu examined the effects of prediabetes on the cardiac risk of patients with CAD by monitoring the health of approximately 2,000 patients with CAD for six years. It is the first extensive follow-up study on this topic.