22.1.2019 News

Walking in subzero winter temperatures puts extra strain on the heart of patients with coronary artery disease

Research carried out at the University of Oulu indicates that exercising in cold temperatures puts a greater strain on the heart of coronary artery disease patients than exercising in warm temperatures. No other unusual activity was observed in the cardiac and circulatory systems of men suffering from coronary artery disease while they were engaging in a half-hour brisk walk. 

21.1.2019 News

New university funding model approved

On Thursday, 17 January, the Finnish Government approved new models for the funding of universities and universities of applied sciences. The new models are valid for 2021–2024. The funding models dictate how state funding will be distributed between higher education institutes each year.

18.1.2019 News

Metabolic effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals: novel testing methods and adverse outcome pathways

Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDs) are classically known as compounds which exert adverse effects by interfering with hormone-related signalling pathways. The concept of endocrine disruption has recently been extended to metabolic alterations which may result in diseases such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease, which constitute an increasing health concern word wide.

16.1.2019 News

Genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour

Researchers from the University of Oulu are involved in a large-scale international study, which shows that genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour. The effect of individual genes on risk behaviour is low, but the interaction of genes is significant.

15.1.2019 News

Ministry funding for continuous learning

At the end of the year, the University of Oulu received strategic funding for the development of continuous learning and special funding for relieving the shortage of professionals in different fields. The amount of strategic funding received by the university ranks third after the universities of Helsinki and Aalto.

15.1.2019 News

The University of Oulu significantly strengthens its commitment to Arctic research – open vacancies for five top researchers

The significant changes affecting the northern areas of the Arctic region are becoming an increasingly pressing matter on the global stage. By seeking to strengthen its commitment to Arctic research, the University of Oulu hopes to respond to the many challenges associated with the polar region. Currently, the university has five new vacancies for established or up-and-coming researchers, with the successful candidates set to become part of the university's new Arctic Interactions (ArcI) research programme.

10.1.2019 News

Artificial intelligence application to aid fundus screening

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common complication of diabetes. Its screening with fundus photography uses a lot of resources. University of Oulu is involved in a project that aims to automate retinopathy screening through machine learning.

7.1.2019 News

Interdisciplinary collaboration is learned on the science leadership programme

The future lies in cooperation according to Anna Vatanen and Alexey Popov, who are participating in the science leadership programme.

21.12.2018 News

Calling All Future Makers of Technology – 6G Flagship Is a Chance to Shape the Technologies of Tomorrow

6G Flagship, the ground-breaking research programme currently underway in the University of Oulu, is offering researchers nothing less than a chance to make their mark in future connectivity. The challenges will be difficult, make no mistake. However, a running 5G test network, close ties with industry leaders, and a diverse and passionate team of experts will guarantee the best possible starting point from where to take them on.

17.12.2018 News

The thaw of permafrost is a threat for Arctic cities and industries


Built environment in northern areas is at risk as the climate warms up. According to international research led by Finnish geographers, as much as 70% of the infrastructure in Arctic areas of permafrost is at risk as the climate warms up.


13.12.2018 News

Juha Röning and Pekka Siirtola won an IJIMAI Journal award

International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence has granted an award to Juha Röning and Pekka Siirtola of University of Oulu for the Most Outstanding Article published in 10 Years of the journal life. Of course, the writers are really impressed and thankful.

12.12.2018 News

University of Oulu donations open new doors

The University of Oulu has decided to put a significant portion of the donations it has received towards various academic fields in the years to come.

11.12.2018 News

Bacteria have been engineered to produce a sweetener

Many substances beneficial to humans, such as insulin, have long been made with bacteria. However, the production of many types of proteins using bacteria has so far failed, as producing proteins that contain disulfide bond can be  problematic. CyDisCoTM (cytoplasmic disulfide bond formation in E. coli) is a method developed at the University of Oulu, which allows successful disulfide bond formation. The modified microbes are able to produce, for instance, the sweet tasting protein brazzein, which is being developed to become an alternative to existing low-calorie sweeteners.

5.12.2018 News

MAKNEE won the first Slush Life Science Pitching competition

Research based startup MAKNEE from the University of Oulu has won the €30,000 grand prize of Life Science Pitching competition for life science-based startups and pre-startups. MAKNEE develops novel non-invasive technology for the detection of joint disorders.

30.11.2018 News

Professor Heli Jantunen wins Nokia Foundation Recognition Award

Nokia Foundation has granted its 2018 Recognition Award to Professor Heli Jantunen from University of Oulu for her outstanding contributions to research and development of microelectronics, manufacturing and materials.

23.11.2018 News

3D scanning of people and other animals at the University of Oulu

What is 3D modelling and scanning like? Why are there birds from the zoological museum in the 3D scanner? And what do fifth-graders have to do with all this?

16.11.2018 News

5G is soon here – the time to get into 6G research is right now

The world is on the verge of entering the fifth generation in cellular networking, or 5G. 2019 will be the year of 5G, with commercial 5G networks rolled out across the globe. 5G is full of promise: driverless cars, smart homes, and virtual reality (VR) for everyone, everywhere. We are headed into the next generation, but no one can still say exactly how 5G will change our lives. Which is why right now is the perfect time to start looking at 6G.

14.11.2018 News

Values of the university community crystallise guiding principles

Hundreds of university people and alumni took part in an open on-line brainstorming session earlier this year to ponder what the university should be proud of and the preconditions for success. The shared thoughts about procedures have now been condensed into three values that guide our activities.

13.11.2018 News

New study shows an epigenetic link between prenatal exposure to maternal smoking and offspring’s cardio-metabolic health

According to new research, epigenetic changes found in the offspring exposed to maternal smoking during pregnancy or in current smokers are linked to smoking-related diseases in adulthood.

6.11.2018 News

The Saami people are increasingly vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change

The traditional Saami lifestyle and diet have protected the physical and mental health of the Saami people. However, according to the latest study, social and cultural changes have increased the occurrence of lifestyle diseases in the Saami people and created threats to their mental health. Many societal and lifestyle changes have also made the Saami people more vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change.

2.11.2018 News

Chronic inflammation is associated with higher risk for diseases of major internal organs and shorter lifespan

Researchers have elucidated the disease risk underlying a biomarker predictive of shorter lifespan.

1.11.2018 News

Academic freedom is stirring up debate amongst professors

Academic freedom was discussed widely in the autumnal Professor Forum. Do external pressures, such as funding sources, limit the freedom to choose one’s research subject? Are complex research questions difficult to grasp after research periods have shortened? Professor Forum brings together professors of the University of Oulu.

1.11.2018 News

A catheter coated with antimicrobial peptides saves you from healthcare-associated infections

Natural plants can have surprising hidden properties. Researchers in Oulu found small fragments of an antibacterial protein, also known as peptides, in a microbe living in crowberry. The peptides are powerful enough to defeat superbugs. Peptide-coated catheters can be used to prevent nasty urinary tract infections. Chain Antimicrobials Oy is a company founded on the basis of this innovation, and it is targeting the global market.

29.10.2018 News

The key to sufficient water supply is in our hands

Snow melt runoff and groundwater abstraction are the most used form of fresh water globally, but the supply is diminishing throughout the world. The problem is expected to worsen with ongoing climate change. Professor Björn Klöve, Director of the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering unit at the University of Oulu, offers a scientific take on the issue.