21.1.2020 News

Professor of the Year has been awarded to Anssi Paasi, Professor of Geography

Anssi Paasi, Professor of Geography at the University of Oulu, has been named Professor of the Year by the Finnish Union of University Professors. His appointment was announced at the Communicatio Academica event in Vaasa on 17 January 2020.


21.1.2020 News

Finland's first professor specialising in brand management started at the University of Oulu

The first Finnish professor specialising in brand management has been appointed at the University of Oulu. Docent Saila Saraniemi, Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, started in the position at the beginning of this year.

20.1.2020 News

Surveys prove to be useful for identifying the risk of prolonged low back pain

Despite low back pain being the most common cause of impairment for individuals and of considerable cost to society, its pain treatment has serious deficiencies.  According to recommendations, low back pain treatment should take psychosocial risk factors into account. Surveys aimed at people with back pain can identify individuals with clinically significant psychological, social and lifestyle-related risk factors for prolonged pain.

14.1.2020 News

High environmental radiation does not affect viruses

Previous studies have shown that bank voles that have been exposed to environmental radiation have immune suppression and cellular changes that might promote virus replication. However, the effect of environmental radiation on viruses in wild populations have not been studied before. Bank voles host many zoonotic viruses, such as hantaviruses that causes hemorrhagic fever in humans.


13.1.2020 News

Pioneering research on working-age memory disorders is conducted in Oulu


Memory disorders are seen as diseases of the elderly. One third of those over 85 years of age suffer from a memory disorder, most commonly Alzheimer’s disease. However, a memory disorder can manifest itself much earlier on, at the age of 50 to 60.

9.1.2020 News

Reindeer feeding began 800 years ago

University of Oulu researchers found out together with their Nordic colleagues that reindeer supplementary feeding began in some areas already 800 years ago. Previously it has been unclear when supplementary feeding of the reindeer began.

3.1.2020 News

New viruses found from the common glow-worm

Like all creatures, glow-worms host viruses. We studied glow-worm transcriptomes from animals collected from Finland and identified 11 new virus species. The viruses belonged to nine different virus families, among them Flaviridae.


3.1.2020 News

A new kind of interaction enabled by virtual reality: “More presence than in the classroom”

The teaching staff were offered workshops in virtual reality in December. A VR environment enables genuine interaction even if there are hundreds of kilometres between the people in real life.

19.12.2019 News

Connecting you with your digital twin: 6G will bridge the physical with the virtual

6G is about systemic disruption, which is why it is vital to look at the future of telecommunications from a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives, says Professor of Practice, Seppo Yrjölä.

18.12.2019 News

Polar Bear Pitching 2020 is looking for start-ups

Seventh annual Polar Bear Pitching will be held on the 12th of March 2020 in Oulu, Finland. The icy start-up event, organized by the university of Oulu, culminates with the start-ups pitching their ideas from an ice hole carved in the frozen Baltic sea.

17.12.2019 News

An invention that changed perspective of conducting research

The University of Oulu’s Innovation Centre provides training in intellectual property rights. Familiarity with them is an important working life skill for researchers and teachers alike.

13.12.2019 News

Software production education export to China progressing well

Just over a year ago, the University of Oulu started major education export to China. The partner university is in Nanjing (Nanjing Institute of Technology). University teacher Päivi Raulamo-Jurvanen just returned from a two-week intensive period in China, and the NJIT delegation led by President Shi Jinfei is currently visiting Oulu.

12.12.2019 News

137 Oulu UAS employees transfer to the University of Oulu

The University and Oulu UAS start offering joint internal services.

12.12.2019 News

High-strength steel is climate friendly

High-strength steels are one of the main focus areas at the University of Oulu Centre for Advanced Steels Research. They relate to another central theme, climate goals. 

11.12.2019 News

70 top hackers from around the world gathered to Oulu – the world’s first open 5G Cybersecurity Hackathon was a success

Top hackers from all over the world gathered to the University of Oulu to test their skills against 5G and cybersecurity during the weekend. Oulu is known as a global 5G and 6G hotspot and is the home to research and development of top-tier cybersecurity.

11.12.2019 News

Andy does not see the lack of Finnish skills as an obstacle to employment: “If you can demonstrate your skills, companies will go out of their way to have you”

International students Andy Alorwu and Anastasia Corjan have found employment in Finland during their studies. The government wants to support the employment of international students as well.

10.12.2019 News

The University of Oulu at the forefront of hypoxia research

This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine will be awarded on 10 December to three researchers studying hypoxia – low oxygen concentrations. The Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Oulu has made its significant contribution to the subject.

10.12.2019 News

Journey of a top researcher: Matti Pietikäinen is a pioneer in machine vision research in Finland

The founder of the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis of the University of Oulu Emeritus Professor Matti Pietikäinen is one of the most established researchers of his field. A Highly Cited Researcher recognition is received for articles that rank in the top 1% by citations for the field in question.

9.12.2019 News

High blood pressure variation increases cardiac workload in cold temperature conditions

High home blood pressure variability is associated with an exaggerated blood pressure increase in response to cold temperature exposure, which places a strain on the heart and, at worst, it can increase cardiac arrhythmia, chest pain and heart attacks. The data can be found in a joint study by the University of Oulu, Oulu University Hospital and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

5.12.2019 News

Well-being improved at the University of Oulu – ranked second nationally

A survey conducted with Varma pension company provides a comparative view of the level of well-being at universities.

5.12.2019 News

Common genetic origins discovered behind uterine fibroids and endometriosis

A major international study revealed that the two most common female reproductive system diseases, uterine fibroids and endometriosis, have common genetic origins. The finding, published in the prestigious Nature Communications journal, drives forward basic research in the field and may open up completely new opportunities for developing drug treatment as well.

4.12.2019 News

Geography to support health services

The SOLOGS project of the University of Oulu examines the ideal location and most reasonable logistics for the social and health care service network in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. The results of the project, which will be completed in autumn 2020, are already attracting interest.

2.12.2019 News

Sleep apnea is common among ischemic stroke patients

A new doctoral dissertation by Lic. Med. Jaana Huhtakangas shows that over 90% of ischemic stroke patients have sleep apnea. The levels of sleep apnea remain high throughout the six-month observation period and became more severe for the majority of patients.

29.11.2019 News

Professor Markku Juntti elevated IEEE Fellow

Markku Juntti, Professor of Communications Engineering, from University of  Oulu Finland, has been elevated to the grade of an IEEE Fellow. He is being recognized for contributions to multiuser and multiantenna communications. The technologies are used in mobile communications systems both in base station network infrastructures and mobile handsets worldwide.