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19.10.2020 News

Better Factory: growing the European manufacturing business

Better Factory invites Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMEs) to redesign their current product portfolio together with Business and Arts mentors and Technology experts. Manufacturers can tap into disruptive product innovation that responds to new market demands while keeping production resources optimal with RAMP IoT platform.

19.10.2020 News

6G Waves magazine highlights latest achievements

Finnish 6G Flagship programme has published a new issue of 6G Waves magazine today. The 56-page magazine highlights latest achievements, collaborations, and the expertise of innovators who are taking 6G research to the next level. Stories also demonstrate how our experts contribute to 5G adoption and beyond 5G development with collaborators in various sectors.

16.10.2020 News

Beyond communications engineering in 6G

Enthusiastic and expressive, Mehdi Bennis has a way of pulling a listener into his field of excitement without resistance. The Centre for Wireless Communication associate professor has been wrapping his head around the 6G vision and while thinks the real revolution is yet to come, he has a pretty good idea where it will come from.

13.10.2020 News

13 postdoct researcher and 20 doctoral student positions open in materials research and in environmental research

Over 30 researchers´ positions open in the focus areas of the University of Oulu.

10.10.2020 News

Professors: The decision on the Oulu city campus positions the entire city

Pursued by the University of Oulu, the Oulu city campus is a strategic opportunity for the city, one definitely worth looking at in more detail, says a group of five professors in their report. The professors’ fields of research are diversely linked to the interaction between the university and the city at different regional levels.

9.10.2020 News

Climate change is threatening unique permafrost landforms

As the permafrost thaws, the topography of the Arctic will alter dramatically, according to an international study headed by Finnish geographers. The study, which covered the entire area of permafrost in the Arctic, found that much of the permafrost landforms now occurring in that region was in danger of disappearing some time this century, and the change has already begun.

9.10.2020 News

The University of Oulu celebrates International Girls' Day – rector Niinimäki gave up his post to 14-year-old Mimmi Jakola for one day

Mimmi Jakola took over the rector´s post as part of the Plan International’s Girls Takeover campaign, where girls will step into the shoes of political, social and financial leaders to celebrate the UN’s International Day of the Girl.  This year the Girls´ Takeover campaign highlights the impact of technology on equality. Girls and women must not only be able to use technology but also be involved in developing it.

7.10.2020 News

Gorilla bones help researchers understand the origin of osteoporosis

Ageing female gorillas do not suffer from bone loss, i.e. osteoporosis, as their close relatives, humans. Osteoporosis refers to bone loss, in other words, a reduction in bone mass, and is a common disease especially in older women. The research result may be relevant when examining age-related diseases.

1.10.2020 News

DNA barcoding helps identify living species

The development of gene technology also makes taxonomy – the scientific classification of species – easier. Species can be identified with the help of a short segment of DNA, just like a barcode is used to identify a product in a store. The method improves our perception of species, the number of species, and biodiversity. 

1.10.2020 News

“I can see where I have ended up in comparison to others.” Part of the target group? Take the career monitoring survey

Career monitoring collects information on university graduates’ first years of career progress to support the development of education. Reflecting on your career and the skills learned at the university helps you identify your professional strengths and development areas.

30.9.2020 News

Appeal of the university is at an excellent level, attractiveness of the student city is the biggest factor contributing to the willingness to apply for or recommend studies

For several years now, the University of Oulu has been using as an aid in monitoring the development trend of its appeal the ‘Kun koulu loppuu – Nuorten tulevaisuusraportti’ (When school ends – Future report of young people) study, which examines plans related to the choices of Finnish secondary school pupils and upper secondary school pupils as regards fields and choices of education. As part of the study, the appeal of different universities is measured.

30.9.2020 News

University of Oulu learning resources to be easily accessible at the library of Open Educational Resources 

The University of Oulu has decided to recommend to use the national Library of Open Educational Resources for opening  learning materials.

29.9.2020 News

Study to determine whether ear infections can be prevented by a person’s own bacterium

A study by the University of Oulu will examine whether normal beneficial bacteria of the nasopharynx can prevent ear infections in children. Preventing ear infections would significantly reduce the need for antibiotic treatment of children.

18.9.2020 News

Novel ultrafast NMR method for investigating molecular exchange

The exchange of molecules between different physical or chemical environments due to diffusion or chemical transformations has a crucial role in a plethora of fundamental processes such as breathing, protein folding, chemical reactions and catalysis. 

18.9.2020 News

Even 10 minutes reduction of daily sitting or lying contributes to heart health

According to a recent study conducted in Oulu even a short reduction in daily time spent in lying or sitting could have several cardiometabolic health benefits for adults. In this study, the beneficial effects could be seen in insulin level, blood lipid and glucose, and body mass index.

17.9.2020 News

Five new international programmes to start from Autumn 2021 – studies available on epidemiology, data science, sustainability, and digitalization

University of Oulu opens a record number of five new degree programmes taught in English to train future pioneers to solve global challenges with science-based solutions. The graduates are expected to have a high demand both in the industry, public sector, and academia.

10.9.2020 News

Professor Heli Jantunen Awarded Yushan Scholar in Taiwan

Heli Jantunen, the receiver of 2019 Finnish Science Award, was awarded Yushan Scholar by the Ministry of Education (MOE), ROC Taiwan. Professor Heli Jantunen is a current Head of the Microelectronics Research Unit at the University of Oulu. Her works on ultra-low temperature co-firing ceramics in particular have received world-renowned recognition.

8.9.2020 News

A less than 15 minute cycling trip to the city centre campus would be possible in the area covering Alppila, Myllyoja, Kaukovainio and Limingantulli

50% more people live in the 15-minute cycling area of the city campus and 26% more people live in the 15-minute public transport zone compared to similar areas in Linnanmaa.

7.9.2020 News

Niinimäki at the opening ceremony of the academic year: The University of Oulu must continue to be attractive

The opening ceremony of the academic year took place at the University of Oulu on 7 September 2020, for the first time through a stream due to the coronavirus situation. At least 700 viewers tuned in to the stream, and it could also be viewed by means of the Facebook Live feature.

7.9.2020 News

University of Oulu places among top 350 in Times Higher Education ranking

The University of Oulu ranked in the bracket 301-350 in this year’s Times Higher Education World University Ranking, which lists the world’s best universities.

2.9.2020 News

UROS and the University of Oulu announce strategic partnership

UROS and the University of Oulu are pleased to announce they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership that will see them forge closer links across a broad range of activities.

1.9.2020 News

Promising solutions to the solar panels, virtual learning and electronic skin

This autumn three new Business Finland funded Research to business (R2B, previously TUTLI)-projects started at the University of Oulu.  The aim is to create new business from research results. The projects produce promising solutions related to nanopatterned functional foil, virtual learning environment and sensing components for skin. 

1.9.2020 News

Diverse practices of specialisation becoming more consistent

Specialist training in medicine and dentistry are being reformed. Key objectives include the consistency and transparency of teaching content and competence criteria. Patients will also benefit from the reform, as it will ensure the homogeneity of treatment and an adequate number of doctors in all special fields.

31.8.2020 News

Welcome to the new academic year and the University’s opening ceremony

The University of Oulu is welcoming a record number of new students and embracing remote teaching and studying opportunities. The University’s opening ceremony is open to everyone and is being held online on 7 September 2020.