17.9.2019 News

Degree-driven education export

Much is going on in the areas of internationalisation and education export.

16.9.2019 News

Controlling drought and floods in potato fields by developing the soil’s automatic moisture regulation system

Researchers at the University of Oulu are developing a system for measuring and regulating moisture conditions in the soil of potato fields in Tyrnävä. The knowledge-based and automated regulation system offers significant help for farmers and is expected to enable higher and higher quality potato yields.

16.9.2019 News

The University of Oulu is yet again among the 300 best universities in THE university rankings

The University of Oulu ranks in the bracket 251–300 in the new Times Higher Education Rankings. The score is the same as last year amongst the best universities in the world. In a comparison between Finnish universities, the University of Oulu jumped to third place.

10.9.2019 News

New method for material research gets hundred times stronger

Researchers from the Faculty of Science at the University of Oulu have increased the sensitivity of an emerging spectroscopic method with promising applications for materials studies.


9.9.2019 News

Tellus comes to Kontinkangas

The Kontinkangas campus will get its own Tellus this autumn. The opening ceremony will be on September 17, after which the three floors of Tellus will be freely available to students and staff.

9.9.2019 News

World’s first 6G White Paper builds cornerstones for 2030 wireless intelligence

  6G Flagship research program has published world’s first 6G white paper which opens the floor for defining the 2030 wireless era.

5.9.2019 News

Eva Pongrácz aims to understand people and sustainable development

Professor Eva Pongrácz, from the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, wants to solve the problems of the world through cooperation. According to her, what happens around the world touches all of us.

5.9.2019 News

Genetic factors influencing adult obesity take effect in early childhood

Body mass index (BMI) in infants, children and adults is influenced by different genetic factors that change as we age, according to a major new study.

5.9.2019 News

University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences start planning joint services

The aim is to provide common and consistent internal services as widely as possible.

4.9.2019 News

“Northern Finland is no longer a destiny to be escaped, but rather a calling” – importance of university community emphasised at opening

The new academic year opened on Monday, 2 September with a ceremony and over 400 invited guests. The university’s 60th anniversary was celebrated with reminiscences of the past and visions of the future.

3.9.2019 News

Human land use reflected as environmental changes already 3,000 years ago

Human activity has caused remarkable environmental impacts on the earth already thousands of years ago. The global history of land use was examined in a study which brought together more than 250 archaeologists from around the world. This is the first world-wide review on the long-term history of land use based on archaeological research.

29.8.2019 News

Proposal: Joint organisation of University of Oulu’s and Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ service functions begins

The Boards of Directors of the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) will discuss the organization of service activities at both institutions on September 5. The aim is to provide common and consistent internal services as widely as possible. The proposal is based on Oamk's move to the Linnanmaa campus and the university becoming the majority owner of Oamk in June 2018.

28.8.2019 News

The Science letters series begins with Niinimäki’s letter to Kekkonen: “I want to express my grateful thoughts to you”

This autumn, it will be 60 years since the University of Oulu started its operations. As part of the festivities, the university is publishing the Science letters blog series in which researchers at the university write letters to great scientists and prominent figures of the past. The letters take a stand on interesting phenomena, great moments of history and our shared future.

27.8.2019 News

Lost at campus? Download this app!

Navigating the campus can prove difficult for visitors, students and staff alike. Finding one’s way around the maze-like campus is made easier by a new mobile app, the Oulu Campus Navigator.

20.8.2019 News

Blood-based biomarkers of life expectancy found – first step towards personalised treatments

Researchers of the University of Oulu have participated in a study that identified a combination of blood-based biomarkers that were associated with life expectancy consistently across five European countries.

19.8.2019 News

Regular exercise improves asthma control among adults – one should not avoid exercise that provokes breathlessness

Researchers at the University of Oulu found that regular exercise improves asthma control and reduces breathlessness, as well as need for short-acting bronchodilating asthma medication.

19.8.2019 News

Significant rise for the University of Oulu in the latest Shanghai ranking

The University of Oulu has climbed up in the Shanghai university ranking. In the ranking of the world's best universities, the University of Oulu ranked in the bracket 301-400. Last year, the university was dropped out of the top 500.

8.8.2019 News

Self-service checkouts added to two campus restaurants

Juvenes will introduce self-service checkouts at its Oulu campus restaurants to make service smoother and shorten queues during peak hours. Initially, self-checkout will be launched at two pilot sites, Restaurant Napa and Restaurant Foobar. The required changes to the lunch lines have already been completed, and the actual self-checkout pilot will start on 12 August 2019.

5.8.2019 News

Cohort study uncovers new information on musculoskeletal disorders

It is already known that smoking during pregnancy affects the child's health in many ways. An extensive birth cohort study has shown that a mother who smokes during pregnancy also impacts the child’s experience of musculoskeletal pain as teenager.

1.7.2019 News

Student admissions results published – congratulations to all successful applicants!

All the student admissions results for the University of Oulu have now been published.

26.6.2019 News

6G Flagship’s board of experts want to push through hype and find meaningful solutions

The Scientific Advisory Board of the 6G Flagship programme convened for the first time in beautiful Lapland in the very first 6G Summit at the top of Levi ski resort. The director of 6G Flagship at the University of Oulu, Professor Matti Latva-aho, extended his gratitude to all the conference attendants as well as to the Board, patrons and sponsors.  The Summit was all about considering the future world beyond 5G and towards 6G. We decided to sit down with the Scientific Advisory Board and have a conversation on what the future holds.

25.6.2019 News

New measuring technique and better care for joint cartilage damage as objectives

New methods for the research and treatment of joint cartilage damage are being developed at the University of Oulu. So far, the results of the extensive international projects MIRACLE and RESTORE are promising.

19.6.2019 News

New evidence about the bone strengthening effects of different forms of exercise from archaeological perspective

Medical research has confirmed it, and now archaeologists have as well: forms of exercise that involve shaking and vibrations are the best for strengthening bones. The archaeological research carried out at the University of Oulu also found that exercise involving repeated vibrations combined with a larger muscle cross-sectional area is the most effective for strengthening bones.

18.6.2019 News

Finnish Science Award to Professor Heli Jantunen

Professor Heli Jantunen of the University of Oulu is the winner of the Finnish Science Award 2019. The award is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture based on a proposal of the Academy of Finland. It was presented by Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko during the Science Forum.