24.5.2019 News

Pollen season increases health problems and even mortality

Pollen forecasts appear in weather forecasts around mid-March when alder and hazel start to bloom. It is common knowledge that people with asthma and allergies get symptoms but the APTA project showed that the start of the pollen season also increases mortality due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


24.5.2019 News

Three applicants qualified for interviews in the university’s rector application process

On 22 May 2019, the University of Oulu Board of Directors processed the applications for the position of the Rector of the University of Oulu for the term 2020–2024.

22.5.2019 News

Innovation award for women goes to professor Heli Jantunen

Paula Risikko, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, has given the innovation award for women to professor Heli Jantunen for inventing a low-temperature method for producing ceramic components. Jantunen works at the University of Oulu. The prize is worth EUR 110,000.

21.5.2019 News

Six applied for the position of the University Rector

Six persons have applied for the position of the rector of the University of Oulu for the term 2020–2024.

21.5.2019 News

University of Oulu receives 6.6 million euros for strengthening the profiling of research

The Academy of Finland has made funding decisions aimed at strengthening the profiling of university research. The University of Oulu received a total of €6.6 million to strengthen the research of digital health, circular economies of non-organic side flows, mathematical analysis of large datasets, and artificial intelligence. The four-year funding is aimed at supporting the development of research areas chosen by universities based on their overall strategies and at improving the conditions for high quality research.

20.5.2019 News

Prediabetes does not increase the cardiac risk of patients with CAD

Prediabetes, the precursor stage before type 2 diabetes, does not increase the cardiac risk of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). An extensive study led by the University of Oulu examined the effects of prediabetes on the cardiac risk of patients with CAD by monitoring the health of approximately 2,000 patients with CAD for six years. It is the first extensive follow-up study on this topic.

15.5.2019 News

Open 5G connection in Finland’s test network now in use

The 5G test network of the University of Oulu has now officially moved from the laboratory onto the rooftop, indicating the era of an open 5G connection. The 5G base station was succesfully integrated into the network in accordance with the standardised architecture, and the first 5G data connection has now been established with test devices.  

14.5.2019 News

Permafrost inspired to ponder the interaction between Arctic nature and humans

When humans change the environment via construction and land use, natural processes also change in those areas. Professor of Physical Geography Jan Hjort from the Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu points out that at a local scale these changes can also have a pleasant effect.

9.5.2019 News

VR headset developer Steven LaValle chose Oulu

Getting VR right needs a fluid connection between technology and human experience - VR expert Steven LaValle chose Oulu.

8.5.2019 News

Obesity is increasing faster in rural areas than in urban areas

Extensive international research reveals an interesting phenomenon in the increasing obesity among world population: the geography of body-mass index (BMI) appears to have changed radically over the last few decades. In 1985, urban men and women in the majority of the countries had a higher BMI than their rural counterparts. However, in approximately 30 years, the situation has practically been reversed.

2.5.2019 News

Newly discovered gene mutation reduces fear and anxiety, and increases social interaction

Finnish researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Oulu have discovered of a new type of gene mutation that reduces fear and anxiety, and increases social interaction. The researchers employed gene manipulation technology to remove the P4h-tm gene from the mouse genome and found an unexpected change in mouse behaviour. P4h-tm knockout mice showed striking courage and a lack of learned helplessness compared to congenic wild-type mice with a functional P4h-tm gene. The results were published in Neuropharmacology.

2.5.2019 News

Dennis recommends the University of Oulu: “Succeeding in here is rewarding”

Dennis Kelley and Ahnaf Ahmad have experienced the tough winter and the gentle summer of Oulu. They are international students who do not lack in arctic attitude.

25.4.2019 News

Giant project to clarify 5G network industrial potential

5G will change societies more than the two previous-generation networks combined.

18.4.2019 News

Terrestrial products were prepared in the oldest pottery vessels of Northeastern Europe

Only products acquired from terrestrial environments were prepared in the oldest pottery vessels by the Stone Age hunter-gatherers of Finland and North-West Russia. Processing of aquatic products, like fish and seals, started only some five hundred years after the adoption of pottery technology.

11.4.2019 News

Research project to study Saami people’s adaptation to climate change

The Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH) at the University of Oulu has launched a research project: SAAMI – Adaptation of Saami people to the climate change. The project aims to identify ways for Saami people to adapt to climate change and find out what measures are required. Information produced in the course of the project will benefit decision-makers, the scientific community and Saami people themselves.

9.4.2019 News

Diabetes can cause exposure to vitamin D deficiency

According to a recent study, diabetes impairs the body's ability to utilise vitamin D. This observation, made by the researchers of the University of Oulu, provides new information about reasons for the low blood levels of vitamin D that are common in patients with diabetes.

4.4.2019 News

New University Innovation Centre serves researchers

The vernal Professor Forum brought together University of Oulu professors from different scientific disciplines. Topics discussed in the event varied from the commercialisation of research results to creating new business and cooperation with companies.

2.4.2019 News

6G Mobile Communications Event - a first for Finland and the World

Finland has a long history of leadership in mobile communications. It has just taken the next step in helping shape the world beyond 5G.

28.3.2019 News

Cosmic-Ray Research team invited to AMS-02-collaboration for search of dark matter from the space

The Cosmic-Ray research team of the University of Oulu has been invited to join, from 2019 onwards, a large and famous international research collaboration called AMS-02, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which is the most sophisticated modern space-borne cosmic-ray experiment.


27.3.2019 News

"You should think about job seeking already as a student" – career specialist Outi Tolonen is an experienced employment professional

Specialist Outi Tolonen explains what kind of services are on offer at the university's Career Services established in January.

22.3.2019 News

A record attendance for congresses in Oulu last year

International congresses bring publicity and money to Oulu. Many of the congresses are organised by the scientific community.

22.3.2019 News

Rooting young people through cultural heritage in modern Alaska

Professor Arleigh Reynolds, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at University of Alaska Fairbanks, shared a moving story at the One Arctic, One Health conference about George Att

21.3.2019 News

Genetic researchers searching for solutions to the problems caused by climate change

What will happen to trees and crops during the climate change? The future looks grim: the spreading of diseases will accelerate, and the environments can change suddenly. One possible answer to these challenges is breeding plants with new attributes by using genetic research.