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9.4.2020 News

Saami Culture Archive plays important role for research in the North

The University of Oulu maintains the Saami Culture Archive, which has been keeping a record of life in the Saami area for over a century. The digitalisation of the archive materials has been supported by donations made to the university, and so now it is easier than ever to make use of the archive in research and teaching. With the help of students and researchers with skills in the Saami languages, the secrets of the archive are now also being opened up for use in multidisciplinary research in the northern regions.

9.4.2020 News

University of Oulu lends its expertise to the management of the coronavirus epidemic

The University of Oulu is well-equipped to take part in the joint efforts to tackle the coronavirus epidemic.

8.4.2020 News

The perspective of common people is important for anthropologists

Hannu I. Heikkinen finds it endlessly fascinating when research subjects’ stories draw the cultural anthropologist’s attention to a new direction.

7.4.2020 News

Bringing human perspective in digitalisation research

The multidisciplinary GenZ profiling project of the University of Oulu begins to materialise when the tenure track assistant and associate professors selected in January begin their research activities. At the same time, the project objective of bringing human orientation to digitalisation is highlighted from the perspective of the different research fields.

6.4.2020 News

Secure light-based communication through biological tissues

Professor Marcos Katz’s team has recently demonstrated how light can be used to convey data to and from in-body devices such as implants.

1.4.2020 News

Taina Pihlajaniemi continues as Vice Rector for Research

The Board of the University of Oulu has chosen Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi, Doctor of Medicine, to continue as Vice Rector for Research for a five-year term starting on 1 July 2020. Pihlajaniemi has served as Vice Rector for Research for two terms, since 2010.

1.4.2020 News

New understanding of microscopic droplets with implications for climate predictions

Poor understanding of the formation mechanism of cloud droplets introduces the biggest uncertainty in current climate models. A joint study between the Atmospheric Research Group (ATMOS) led by Associate Professor Nønne Prisle at University of Oulu and researchers at the School of Chemistry at University of Bristol provides the first direct evidence quantifying the elusive role of surface-active compounds in cloud formation, based on laboratory measurements and model calculations. These observations allow proper inclusion of this phenomenon into atmospheric and climate models.

25.3.2020 News

New professorship strengthens the University of Oulu's expertise in the automotive field

A professorship in automotive business has been established at Oulu Business School. The aim of the professorship is to develop business in the automotive sector, respond to future challenges with the help of research and promote university education in the field. The new position complements the extensive expertise in the automotive field in the various faculties of the University of Oulu. Through the professorship, dialogue and cooperation with national and international automotive networks will also be intensified.

24.3.2020 News

Oral history describes the resources and strength provided by rural heritage

In the 1940s, Finnish children were born in a land of forests and fields. More than half of the working-age population earned their living from agriculture and forestry. Of the entire population, 75 per cent lived in areas categorised as rural. By European standards, the Finnish society was urbanised late but at a rapid pace.

24.3.2020 News

AAG's John Rooney Award to Professor Jarkko Saarinen

The American Association of Geographers (AAG), the largest international scientific organisation in the field of geography, has awarded the John Rooney Prize to Jarkko Saarinen, Professor of Geography of the University of Oulu.

23.3.2020 News

Flexible and individual studies becoming more common

All educational institutions are in distance learning mode at the moment, but many consider online studies ideal in general. Open University student Nico Himanka and Master of Arts Jiachen Dong have enjoyed studying in a way that suits their life situation and is independent of place.

23.3.2020 News

Path towards 6G Clarified at the Virtual 2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic and the world began to go into lockdown, the organisers of 2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020 decided to transform the leading global 6G event to a virtual one – in less than five days. Sharing of 6G visions, research results and challenges could be realised virtually, the organising team in the Finnish 6G Flagship programme concluded.

20.3.2020 News

The world looks different through the eyes of an archaeologist

Tiina Äikäs is a lover of history and studies Sámi offering sites, some of which are still in use today.

20.3.2020 News

Tutkijan työ on sosiaalista – yhteyttä kollegoihin voi pitää myös digitaalisesti

Oulun yliopistossa on teoreettiselle kvanttitutkimukselle hyvät olosuhteet. Matti Silveri johtaa pientä tutkimusryhmää ja nauttii työstä, joka tarjoaa aivoille jatkuvia haasteita.

18.3.2020 News

Solar wind driven particle precipitation affects winter climate in polar regions

Changes in space climate driven by long-term changes in solar activity have a significant impact on Earth’s atmosphere and climate. Understanding the complex system requires cooperation between space physics and climate science.

17.3.2020 News

6G Wireless Summit launched virtually and first edition of 6G Waves Magazine is out now

6G research is in a very exciting stage and this is the time to combine predictions of the future with research, innovation, and collaboration. The 2nd 6G Summit is underway in a virtual environment and there are many more things to come in 2020. Keep up with all things 6G with a new magazine, 6G Waves. 6G Flagship has just released the first edition of its biannual magazine.

16.3.2020 News

The University of Oulu moves to distance learning and campuses will be closed from students

The University of Oulu will switch entirely to distance learning and close its campuses from students, in accordance with the guidelines from the Government of Finland. Closure of premises takes effect on Wednesday, March 18, and will last until April 13.

13.3.2020 News

Big events cancelled at the University until the end of May

Due to the coronavirus situation, the university has decided that no major seminars or events will be held until 31 May. If necessary, the organiser of the event makes a cancellation decision based on an event-specific risk assessment.

12.3.2020 News

Coronavirus COVID-19: Detailed guidelines on 12.3.2020

University of Oulu has updated guidelines concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19.

12.3.2020 News

17 students of the University of Oulu diagnosed with the coronavirus infection

At the University of Oulu 17 students have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection (COVID-19), as confirmed by Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP). All diagnoses were confirmed on Thursday, March 12.

11.3.2020 News

Instructions regarding coronavirus

In early 2020, a new outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus began in China and has spread to more than 150 countries worldwide. Stay at home when ill and take care of hand hygiene.

9.3.2020 News

Education and Medicine on the rise in QS Rankings by Subject

In this year's QS World University Rankings by Subject, the University of Oulu ranks among the 600 best universities in the world in 11 different fields of science.

9.3.2020 News

Corona virus COVID-19: Updated instructions on the 4th of March, 2020

University of Oulu has updated it’s instructions concerning corona virus COVID-19: Due to increased risk of disease's spreading and it’s risk to employees’ health, the employees and students of University of Oulu may not travel to epidemic area. Employees and students returning from epidemic area are required to work/study remotely for a period of 14 days after return. University of Oulu does not receive visitors from epidemic areas for the time being.  

NB! See updated instructions regarding coronavirus on

3.3.2020 News

New research about treating brain disorders with lasers

New research project, NEUROPA, targets the progress in photonics, neuroscience, and medicine by developing a non-invasive means of modulating specific neural pathways in the brain. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to provide the treatment and alleviate the long-term brain dysfunction in some neurodegenerative conditions such as Huntingdon’s or Alzheimer’s disease.