18.3.2019 News

Young adults belonging to the Northern Finland Birth Cohort are invited to a health examination

Over 9 000 young adults will receive an invitation to a comprehensive health survey in March or April. The test subjects belong to an extensive birth cohort of persons born in Northern Finland in 1985 and 1986. This is the cohort’s first follow-up during the test subjects’ adult life, and it will be implemented when the cohort members are between the ages of 33 and 34.

14.3.2019 News

Researchers found a new mechanism by which cells can sense oxygen – new opportunities will open for the development of cancer drugs

Researchers from the University of Oulu and Harvard University have found a previously unknown mechanism by which cells in the body sense oxygen. Lack of oxygen had a direct influence on the functioning of genes, and prevented cell differentiation. This observation will open up new opportunities for the development of cancer drugs. The study was published in the prestigious Science journal.

13.3.2019 News

Unique population survey throws light on disease risk factors

University of Oulu carries out birth cohort studies, which are rare and valued on an international scale. In this project, babies born in Northern Finland in 1966, 1985 and 1986 have been studied extensively already in the mother's womb and approximately every 10 years thereafter. Scientists have used this enormous research material to study a number of different diseases. The results have been applied to, for instance, Current Care Guidelines and prevention of illnesses.

12.3.2019 News

Finland’s success hinges on skills – The next government will hold the fate of the country in its hands

Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (Akava), institutions of higher education, and students:
Finland’s success requires increased investment in education and research from the next government.

12.3.2019 News

Quantum physicists succeed in controlling energy losses and shifts

Achievement can be applied in speeding up quantum computers and designing new quantum technological devices.

4.3.2019 News

New information on the effect of exercise on weight loss, weight management and glucose metabolism of severely obese persons of working age

A recent study conducted in Oulu indicates that exercise combined with lifestyle guidance at the very beginning of a weight loss programme enhances severely obese persons’ weight loss, weight management and glucose metabolism. Exercise should therefore be part of obesity treatment right from the start.  The study was conducted in cooperation between Oulu Deaconess Institute’s (ODL) exercise clinic, the University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital, and it was published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal.

28.2.2019 News

New method for osteoarthritis diagnostics and follow-up

Using a method developed by researchers at the University of Oulu, the severity of osteoarthritis can be measured using acoustic, kinetic and  thermaldata. Quickly and easily, the method helps to monitor the progress of osteoarthritis and the rehabilitation process following, for instance, a joint replacement operation.

25.2.2019 News

Doctors are cautiously optimistic about online therapies

Forms of digital healthcare, such as remote online therapies, are an effective response to the growing demand for healthcare services. Most doctors consider online therapies as an accepted way to provide treatment. Doctors believe they work well to complement early stage treatment but should not be the only option.

25.2.2019 News

New professorship in Brand Marketing enhances the branding expertise and competitiveness of companies

The University of Oulu has decided to establish a professorship in Brand Marketing, earmarking its funding for a five-year period (2019–2024). The professorship enhances the branding expertise and competitiveness of companies.

21.2.2019 News

UROS introduces 5G compatibility via micro-operator functionality with University of Oulu

UROS Group, a global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and smart connectivity has demonstrated compatibility with 5G technologies by completing a mobile data call over a connection provided by its Goodspeed service at the local 5G Test Network facilities in Oulu, Finland.

21.2.2019 News

The frequency of sudden cardiac deaths caused by ischemic heart disease is lower in women than in men

Researchers at the University of Oulu have published new information on sudden cardiac deaths in women.

14.2.2019 News

Promising solutions to the mining industry and self-driving cars

University of Oulu has got TUTLI-funding from Business Finland to two research projects aiming to create new business. The Geomet Rolls Breakage Test -project (GRBT) develops a reliable low-cost breakage characterisation test for geometallurgical mapping. LIDAR for Self-Driving Cars -project tries to solve the problem how self-driving cars can see far with fine resolution.

12.2.2019 News

Cooperation negotiations to begin at two research units, an action plan without negotiations at one unit

On 8 February 2019, the University of Oulu Board of Directors decided to start action plans as well as cooperation negotiations at two research units of the university.

6.2.2019 News

University of Oulu gave critical feedback on Plan S

Plan S is an initiative by cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders, to achieve full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications after 1 January 2020 in Europe. In November 2018, cOAlition S approved the implementation guidance on making Plan S a reality.

4.2.2019 News

Cooperation negotiations at three research units proposed to the board of directors

The deans of the faculties of Education and Science as well as Oulu Business School are proposing to the university’s board of directors that cooperation negotiations be opened in one unit of each of their faculties.

31.1.2019 News

Project on smart matrices for knee cartilage repair got 5.5 millions from EU

The Microelectronics Research Unit (MIC) and the Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology (MIPT) at University of Oulu have received a new funding (about 1 million euros) from EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 for innovative strategies to repair cartilage damage. The RESTORE project joins 9 European partners from 7 countries. The total funding for the 3.5-year project is worth 5.5 million euros.

30.1.2019 News

GenZ drives the human approach into digitalisation

Smart technology can be a good servant but a bad master. GenZ, a profiling project of the University of Oulu, puts people at the centre of the development and use of technology.

30.1.2019 News

Extension of AACSB accreditation for Oulu Business School

A high quality research and education of Oulu Business School (OBS) has been recognized with the extension of international AACSB accreditation. OBS was the fourth business school in the Nordic countries to earn the initial accreditation in 2013. Now it is one of the longest accredited business schools in the Nordic countries.

25.1.2019 News

Record-strength eco-concrete developed at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu has developed the world’s strongest cement-free and ecological dry concrete, referred to as geopolymer concrete, which is produced from dry raw materials and water. The carbon dioxide emissions for geopolymer concrete production are as much as 80% smaller than for normal concrete.

23.1.2019 News

1 870 applicants from 100 countries to international degree programmes

Altogether 1 870 applicants submitted their applications to the international degree programmes during the application period which ended January 23, 2019.  The number is slightly higher than before the introduction of tuition fees, however, there was a drop from last year’s record numbers (3 475).  This year, the University of Oulu has a stricter scholarship programme and language requirements compared to previous year.

22.1.2019 News

Walking in subzero winter temperatures puts extra strain on the heart of patients with coronary artery disease

Research carried out at the University of Oulu indicates that exercising in cold temperatures puts a greater strain on the heart of coronary artery disease patients than exercising in warm temperatures. No other unusual activity was observed in the cardiac and circulatory systems of men suffering from coronary artery disease while they were engaging in a half-hour brisk walk. 

21.1.2019 News

New university funding model approved

On Thursday, 17 January, the Finnish Government approved new models for the funding of universities and universities of applied sciences. The new models are valid for 2021–2024. The funding models dictate how state funding will be distributed between higher education institutes each year.

18.1.2019 News

Metabolic effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals: novel testing methods and adverse outcome pathways

Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDs) are classically known as compounds which exert adverse effects by interfering with hormone-related signalling pathways. The concept of endocrine disruption has recently been extended to metabolic alterations which may result in diseases such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease, which constitute an increasing health concern word wide.

16.1.2019 News

Genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour

Researchers from the University of Oulu are involved in a large-scale international study, which shows that genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour. The effect of individual genes on risk behaviour is low, but the interaction of genes is significant.