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5.6.2020 News

Researchers at the University of Oulu to receive EU funding for the development of a quick and affordable coronavirus test

The Council of Oulu Region has granted €172,000 funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to a project led by Professor Simo Saarakkala for the development of a new diagnostic coronavirus test. The new test is based on infrared spectroscopy and its development makes use of artificial intelligence. Once finished, the test may significantly increase the testing capacity associated with coronavirus infection from the current one.

4.6.2020 News

An Interview with Honorary Doctors podcast series begins with CEO Risto Murto

The first episode of Interview with Honorary Doctors Podcast is now live on the Spotify account of the University of Oulu.

3.6.2020 News

Solid-state 3-D range imager technology in full operation

Professor Juha Kostamovaara’s research group faces unique challenges daily as it strives for meaningful results in its research field of multi-disciplinary character. Quite seldom, deep knowledge on devices, microelectronics, photonics and laser ranging can be simultaneously found within a single research group, Kostamovaara notes.

1.6.2020 News

Visiting glaciology professor chases Arctic adventures

From Arctic to Antarctica, Professor of glaciology Alun Hubbard enjoys the remote wilderness and looking for Polar adventures. As a visiting professor in University of Oulu he has the chance to widen his perspectives. 

1.6.2020 News

Oulu city campus provides excellent opportunities for everyday exercise

Students’ everyday exercise can be promoted through community planning by locating student housing at a suitable distance from the campus. It would be easy for students living in the city area to travel to and from the new campus using muscle power.

1.6.2020 News

Minority identity lives in languages

Two new projects are promoting the revival of Nordic minority languages: translators of Meänkieli and Kven will be offered translator training for the first time, and Meänkieli will have its first corpus created. Niina Kunnas from the University of Oulu, who participates in the projects, tells us some more about the topic.

29.5.2020 News

Polycystic ovary syndrome impairs women’s quality of life longer than previously thought

Women afflicted with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) still have a poorer quality of life at the age of 46. Because earlier research mainly focused on women of reproductive age, the effects of the syndrome on the life of older women have remained unknown.  

27.5.2020 News

5G/6G Test Network – the nexus of 6G Flagship

The nexus of 6G Flagship programme is the rapidly evolving, open 5G Test Network (5GTN), which first introduced its advanced network functions to researchers and developers in 2015. As a focal point of connectivity, it simultaneously links test beds, novel devices and applications; theory and practice; as well as research and business.

26.5.2020 News

Doctoral Conferment Ceremony postponed to next spring

The ceremonial conferments of the three universities have been postponed. The universities of Oulu, Turku and Eastern Finland aim to organise their ceremonial conferments in the spring 2021.

22.5.2020 News

Researchers to study the financial and societal effects of physical activity and inactivity

Led by Professor Raija Korpelainen from the University of Oulu, a new research project will study the financial and societal significance of physical activity and inactivity, providing information that is unique even on the international scale.

22.5.2020 News

Tapio Koivu appointed Vice Rector for Education

The University Board of Directors of the University of Oulu has elected Tapio Koivu, Ph.D., as the new Vice Rector for Education for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025.

20.5.2020 News

University of Oulu significantly increases the number of starting places this autumn

University of Oulu will significantly increase the number of starting places in the autumn 2020. On 20 May 2020, the University Board decided to increase the number of starting places for both the bachelor's and master's degrees by a total of 249. By adding starting places, the University of Oulu anticipates meeting the increased higher education institutions degree target that the Ministry of Education and Culture has set for 2021–2024.

20.5.2020 News

Behavioral disorders more common in children exposed to maternal antenatal corticosteroids

Maternal antenatal corticosteroid treatment is standard care when there is a risk for preterm delivery. The treatment improves the prognosis of babies born preterm. However, a new study conducted by experts from the University of Helsinki, University of Oulu and THL Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare shows that children exposed to maternal antenatal corticosteroid treatment have higher rates of emotional, behavioral and psychological development disorders than nonexposed children.  

19.5.2020 News

Anu Soikkeli is a multidisciplinary architect of the north

Anu Soikkeli is in her dream job. As an associate professor in architecture she teaches, designs and engages in Arctic field work. Her sidesteps into the fields of history and indigenous studies have widened her perspectives to unexpected directions. 

15.5.2020 News

Semi-autonomous truck convoying gives new opportunities - also in Finland

A study conducted by the University of Oulu indicates that truck convoying has positive impacts on fuel economy and on emissions. Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) convoying gives new opportunities also in Finland. The study shows improvements in fuel economy and reduction in emissions. It also changes the drivers’ roles. 


14.5.2020 News

2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020 Invited Presentations Published

After publishing the virtual 2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020 keyno

14.5.2020 News

Music is a microcosm of the Sámi world

Music researcher, musician and composer Marko Jouste has been studying the Sámi music tradition. While doing so, he has discovered songs that were thought to have been lost.

13.5.2020 News

Answers to questions about City campus published

The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu decided in April to start project planning to build a 1st stage of a new campus in Raksila in Oulu city centre.

13.5.2020 News

A comprehensive women’s health survey to begin at the University of Oulu

A total of 4,500 women will receive an invitation to a comprehensive health survey. The persons to be surveyed belong to the Northern Finland Birth Cohort (NFBC) 1986. A majority of the participants are now 34 years old.

8.5.2020 News

Magnetic-field dependence of the NMR signal confirmed by University of Oulu group

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a key research method of the structure and dynamics of materials and biosystems. Its main observable is the chemical shift, which conveys detailed information about the physical and chemical environment of the magnetic nuclei contained in the sample.


7.5.2020 News

Avid gaming is reflected in the lifestyles and body weight of young men

According to a recent demographic study in Oulu, the lifestyles of young men who play a lot of video games are less healthy than those of their peers who are less avid gamers.

7.5.2020 News

Clear improvement in the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey results with an amazing response rate

The University of Oulu improved its results on key questions of the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey in 2019. The result report presents the results as averages of the answers to the questions, i.e. the best result is 100 points and the lowest result is 20. At the whole university level, the students gave the best assessments to the following statements: “I feel good at my university” (85 points), “in problem situations, I have found a person from whom I have been able to ask for advice if needed” (82.8 points) and “I have been satisfied with my interaction with the teaching staff” (80.7 points). The University of Oulu received the weakest assessments from its students for the following statements: “the feedback I receive from teachers has helped me in my studies” (66.5 points) and “I have been satisfied with the influencing and participation opportunities offered by my study programme” (71.9 points).

5.5.2020 News

Selfishness is not the way forward - Marja Matinmikko-Blue makes the case for shared spectrum

”Radio frequencies are a natural resource, and as such, there is fierce competition on who gets to use them. It really is a fight over natural resources, and we must work toward a more fair and sustainable use of the radio spectrum”, says Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor from the University of Oulu.

4.5.2020 News

Saami culture is changing with climate change

The changing climate affects not only the environment and livelihoods of Saami people, but also their language and culture. The “SAAMI – Adaptation of Saami people to the climate change” project of the University of Oulu examined climate change-related perceptions and experiences of Saami people living in the Saami home region and living off reindeer herding.