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5.11.2019 News

New members to the Board of the University of Oulu: Damski and Väänänen to replace Murto and Hyssälä

New board members Juhani Damski and Kalervo Väänänen will make their extensive experience and networks available to the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board will also change.

5.11.2019 News

FinnAdvance receives a significant start-up award

The start-up company FinnAdvance, resulting from vascular and lymphatic research at the University of Oulu, has won the Tech Start-up Award 2019, a large international innovation competition in Cologne.

31.10.2019 News

The optimistic bridge builder

Petri Kulmala does not like to think of the university and hospital as separate institutions. Cooperation and working together are important values for this Professor of Medical Education.

28.10.2019 News

Winter CO2 emissions dominate arctic and boreal C feedback processes

UArctic Research Chair, Professor Jeff Welker (University of Oulu & University of Alaska) has been one of the global leaders in the study of Arctic winter ecology and biogeochemistry since the 1990’s.  Winter is the dominant season in the Arctic but typically the most neglected part of the international Arctic research agenda, until now. 


24.10.2019 News

Imagination is the only limit in using video in education

The University of Oulu is making more video clips for teaching purposes than ever before. Video can be used to improve the quality of education.

17.10.2019 News

Exercise-related benefits for heart health present already in youth – even light exercise is beneficial

According to a recent study conducted in Oulu, Finland, in young men even light physical activity had beneficial effects on the heart health. Regular exercise increased heart rate variability, which reflects autonomic nervous regulation of the heart and is an indicator of heart health.

16.10.2019 News

Quantum dots technology to revolutionize healthcare and sensing technology: see what’s invisible

Researchers of the Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Unit (OPEM) at the University of Oulu have invented a new method of producing ultra-sensitive hyper-spectral photodetectors. At the heart of the discovery are colloidal quantum dots, developed together with the researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada. Quantum dots are tiny particles of 15-150 atoms of semiconducting material that have extraordinary optical and electrical properties due to quantum mechanics phenomena. By controlling the size of the dots, the researchers are able to finetune how they react to different light colors (light wavelengths), especially those invisible for the human eye, namely the infrared spectrum.

14.10.2019 News

Sudhir Dixit - Connecting the Unconnected with 6G

Connecting the unconnected is a driving force for Dr. Sudhir Dixit, a docent of the University of Oulu, who brings his long industry experience especially from Nokia and HP, but also from several startups, societies and foundations, to the 6G Flagship program. Dixit’s wide global experience and visions help in gently shaking up the research community, which often operates in a comfortable vacuum. Dixit shared his views on global connectivity in Palo Alto, at the heart of the Silicon Valley, where he has worked for the last 12 years.

14.10.2019 News

Equality and Diversity Awards to Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Pia Askonen

The Equality and Diversity Committee of the University of Oulu has given the 2019 Equality and Diversity Award to former doctoral researcher Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Management Assistant Pia Askonen.

11.10.2019 News

Ice sheet sourced rivers deliver ancient C and nutrients to the Arctic Ocean

UArctic Research Chair, Professor Jeff Welker (University of Oulu and University of Alaska) has been one of the few terrestrial ecologists studying the periglacial landscapes in the High Arctic of NW Greenland over the past 20 years.  His program in High Arctic Biocomplexity began a multi-decade program addressing the extent to which physical, chemical and biological processes interact in unique ways at the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet and in the nearby Arctic Ocean.

11.10.2019 News

Final year student Alexandra Ahtiainen spent the International Day of the Girl as a university rector

On the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl on 11 October, Jouko Niinimäki, Rector of the University of Oulu, handed over his position to 18-year-old Alexandra Ahtiainen, a final year student of Oulu University Teacher Training School (Oulun normaalikoulu). Alexandra served as the Rector of the University for a day.

11.10.2019 News

The conferment ceremony is a cause for celebration – sign-up now open for the conferment ceremony in spring

The 11th conferment ceremony of the University of Oulu will be organised as a three-day event between 22nd and 24th May 2020. Thanks to her extensive experience, Paula Rossi has been active as the unofficial bearer of conferment traditions at the University of Oulu.

9.10.2019 News

Critical communication solutions for public safety and remote businesses

A major project PRIORITY will research, develop and trial critical communication solutions for authorities and remote businesses. A key target will be to complement existing mission critical voice and messaging services with broadband data capability, using commercial 4G and 5G wireless networks.

1.10.2019 News

Graduates want better negotiation skills and stress tolerance – this autumn’s career monitoring survey begins

Based on career monitoring, graduates with a Master’s degree are mainly satisfied with their degrees and feel that getting the education was worth the effort.

1.10.2019 News

Radio channel expert Pekka Kyösti is shaping the way for 6G research

A mathematician by training, Pekka Kyösti is enjoying what he calls taking “a bit of an outsider look” at the technologies of future mobile telecommunications.

-Even as I have worked with engineers throughout my career, I’ve always looked at things from a different perspective than engineers

26.9.2019 News

Shortcomings in the medication safety in elderly care

A recent doctoral dissertation indicates that deviations from the instructions and recommendations of medication administration are common in long-term elderly care.

23.9.2019 News

Professor Gong-Hong Wei’s research group awarded for their work into the mechanisms of aggressive prostate cancer

The Minerva Foundation’s Medix prize in biomedical basic research has this year been awarded to a research group headed by Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Gong-Hong Wei at the University of Oulu.

20.9.2019 News

Researchers’ Night offers fascinating science experiences on an unprecedented scale

The University of Oulu offers the general public an extensive coverage of its research during the Researchers’ Night in Linnanmaa on Friday 27 September from 17.00 to 21.00. In the programme targeted at all ages, the audience has an opportunity to see and experience how science is conducted. During the evening, visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with the work of researchers through various workshops, lectures and tours.

17.9.2019 News

Future primary teachers to get immediate hold of practical work at school

City of Oulu Educational and Cultural Services and the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu will be launching a unique collaboration to develop teacher skills. All the 80 students who began their training in the broadly-based primary teacher programme at the University of Oulu this autumn will be collaborating closely with practical school work right from the start of their studies.

17.9.2019 News

Degree-driven education export

Much is going on in the areas of internationalisation and education export.

16.9.2019 News

Controlling drought and floods in potato fields by developing the soil’s automatic moisture regulation system

Researchers at the University of Oulu are developing a system for measuring and regulating moisture conditions in the soil of potato fields in Tyrnävä. The knowledge-based and automated regulation system offers significant help for farmers and is expected to enable higher and higher quality potato yields.

16.9.2019 News

The University of Oulu is yet again among the 300 best universities in THE university rankings

The University of Oulu ranks in the bracket 251–300 in the new Times Higher Education Rankings. The score is the same as last year amongst the best universities in the world. In a comparison between Finnish universities, the University of Oulu jumped to third place.

10.9.2019 News

New method for material research gets hundred times stronger

Researchers from the Faculty of Science at the University of Oulu have increased the sensitivity of an emerging spectroscopic method with promising applications for materials studies.


9.9.2019 News

Tellus comes to Kontinkangas

The Kontinkangas campus will get its own Tellus this autumn. The opening ceremony will be on September 17, after which the three floors of Tellus will be freely available to students and staff.