Thesis defense

17.3.2020 Thesis

Mwanakhamis Ameir

Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET)
13.3.2020 Thesis

Mirella Ahonen-Siirtola

Medical research center Oulu
13.3.2020 Thesis

Olli Karjalainen

Geography Research Unit
13.3.2020 Thesis

Panpan Li

Fibre and Particle Research Unit
6.3.2020 Thesis

Aleksei Tiulpin

Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology
6.3.2020 Thesis

Outi Laatikainen

Research Unit of Biomedicine
28.2.2020 Thesis

Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila

Information Science
28.2.2020 Thesis

Uditha Wijewardhana

Radio Technologies
28.2.2020 Thesis

Akram Hatami

Marketing, Management & International Business
21.2.2020 Thesis

Essi Jouhki

21.2.2020 Thesis

Merja Männistö

Medical Research Center Oulu
14.2.2020 Thesis

Immonen Milla

Center for Life Course Health Research and Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology
7.2.2020 Thesis

Samad Ali

31.1.2020 Thesis

Alireza Haghighatkhah

Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services (M3S)
31.1.2020 Thesis

Sanna Iivanainen

Cancer Research and Translational Medicine Research Unit
24.1.2020 Thesis

Aleksi Laukka

Process Metallurgy Research Group
24.1.2020 Thesis

Heli Helminen

University of Oulu Graduate School
24.1.2020 Thesis

Shahriare Mahmood

Industrial Engineering and Management Research Unit
23.1.2020 Thesis

Ari Saastamoinen

Materials and Mechanical Engineering Research Group
17.1.2020 Thesis

Teresa Komu

Cultural anthropology
10.1.2020 Thesis

Antti Kamunen

Research Unit of Languages and Literature
10.1.2020 Thesis

Hamed Salehi

20.12.2019 Thesis

Jihan Xia

20.12.2019 Thesis

Henna Ruokamo

Circuits and Systems Research Unit (CAS)