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The wonderful alumni

The University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary university with eight faculties, located in northern Finland. During it's 60-year history more than 60 000 graduates have joined the alumni family. 

Our alumni operate in various sectors of the society and change the world with their know-how flavoured by the Arctic attitude, both nationally and internationally. Here you can get to know some of them!

Meet our alumni

Not even a good product sells itself

Minna is a Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) and works as a Marketing Director at 9Solutions Oy.

Economics is part of general knowledge

Katariina works as the Managing Director of Suomen RFSU Oy. She thinks economics is a field that gives you general knowledge and a basic tool.

Know-how for business management

Sari is a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) and majored in management. After a trainee programme at Lidl Finland she continued in the company's administration.

Gaming industry pioneer

Tony is a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Processing Science and Master of Science (Technology) in Computer Science and Engineering. He runs his own company LudoCraft Oy which employs 20 people.

A career in the world always adopting new things

Pentti's educational backround at the University of Oulu is in information technology. Before his retirement he had an international career as the CEO of Maillefer Switzerland.

From a village school to an international school

Riikka graduated as a class teacher in 2002. In her current position as a school teacher at Oulu International School she feels that she's doing a valuable and rewarding work.

Children’s defender

Anna took both Bachelor's degree of Early Childhood Education and Master's degree of Kindergarten Special Education Teachers. She finds her current job as a kindergarten special education teacher as a nice combination of field work and specialist work.

Work with a meaning

Sanna is a specialist in education psychology. Her areas of interest are especially equality issues and NGO activity. She finds that the best part of her job is the feeling that she can do something to help others.

As a dentist you need to know human nature

Rami applied to Oulu to study biochemistry and then dentistry. Now, he is doing research one part of the week and the other part of the week he is doing clinical patient work at a dental clinic.

Specialisation requires broad-mindedness and curiosity

Johanna is a Doctor of Medicine and specialised in gynaecology, obstetrics and gastroenterological surgery.

A surgeon opens his heart

Tuomas works as a specialist in heart and thoracic surgery at Oulu University Hospital. He graduated as a Licentiate of Medicine from the University of Oulu in 2005.

Expertise from Oulu enjoys global esteem

Merja is working in a position of an administrative expert in her current job as a hospital nursing officer in the public sector and as a research nursing officer.

Bridge design is demanding work

Raimo is a Master of Science (Technology) in Mechanical Engineering and has worked since graduation in demanding bridge projects. Nowadays, he works as the chief design officer in bridge projects and as a project manager on some sites.

How bearing responsibility led me from a subject organization to Parliament

Mari-Leena studied environmental engineering at the University of Oulu and since 2015 she has been promoting Oulu, northern Finland and arctic matters in the Finnish Parliament.

Combination of art and technology

Paula describes architectural studies as an excellent combination of art and technology. Her work as an architect and a designer in her own company YoZen consists of both fields.

Chemistry professional in weapons research

Paula is a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry. She works at the University of Helsinki as Research Director of the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, VERIFIN.

Geology is a way of life

Janne works as senior geologist at Mawson Resources Ltd. For him geology is more a way of life than a job. The nature of his work allows him to spend time both in the office and in nature.

Concrete nature conservation

Essi is a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology. She studied marine biology in an exchange programme in Manchester, and completed her practical training at a marine research institute in the Maldives. Novadays she is in her dream job as a marine biologist at Metsähallitus.

Mathematics is an international language

Piia studied mathematics, physics, chemistry and education. Ever since she was in the first grade, she wanted to become a teacher. Novadays she works as a teacher of mathematics at Oulu Upper Secondary School for Adults.

Fostering the Sámi culture

Anne studied Sámi Culture and currently works as a curator in the Sámi Museum Siida in Inari. In addition to her major, her work includes all the minor subjects she studied: archaeology, museology, Northern Sami and administrative science.

From a history student to a diplomat

Matti is a Master of Arts in History. During his thirty years as a diplomat, he lived many years abroad. Currently, he works as a Chief of Protocol at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In the international markets

Karoliina graduated with a Master's degree in German Philology, specialising in International Corporate Communications. Currently she is in charge of communications and marketing at Bittum.

A cultural anthropologist sees under the surface

Cultural anthropologist Leena enjoys her work as the CEO of Micropolis Ltd. In Leena's opinion expertise in cultural anthropology is well suited for development tasks.

At the forefront of the digital revolution

Jari-Pekka majored in literature and currently works as the COO of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF). In his opinion the most interesting thing about his work is that the industry is at the forefront of the digital revolution.