Know-how for business management

Name: Sari Köykkä
Studies: Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), major subject management, minor subjects accounting and marketing
Today: HR Team Leader, Lidl Finland Ky

I was a big fan of Lidl already during my studies, and I liked to visit their website every now and then to read their advertising leaflets. When I graduated, I made it my goal to write five job applications a day. One time, I was sitting in a café writing applications when I ended up on the Lidl website. To my surprise, they had an International Trainee programme and its application period was about to end. I sent my application and was admitted to it. At the end of the two-year trainee programme, I was offered a position as a team leader in financial administration. Last August, I moved on to HR tasks.

Recruitment is rewarding

The best thing about the content of my work is how versatile it is. Working as a supervisor brings its own flavour to my working days, as it gives me an opportunity to develop myself and my team. The job is really wide-ranging. Lidl is an international company, and we have a lot of international visitors. Recruitment is also very rewarding. I meet young, enthusiastic people who may be studying or consider studying economics. How smart they are! Each application is better than the next.

Right kind of management is important

Human resources management has been my special interest. I sought additional training in the matter in Australia, where I spent six months as an exchange student. For any company, management is an important matter. It is important that the staff are treated well and that the statutory matters are taken care of. This ensures that the company's basic operating conditions are met. Right kind of recruiting also matters. It has a major impact on the work community what kind of employees the company recruits.

“Today's employment market is international, so I strongly recommend that everyone do exchange studies.”

Invest in language studies

The range of opportunities offered by economics is extensive. You will find your major as you advance in your studies. I believe that the path that you later choose in working life will have a greater impact on your future than the field of specialisation you choose.  Today's employment market is international, so I strongly recommend that everyone do exchange studies. Working in a different culture broadens your world and it also gives you a wide, international circle of friends. I also recommend that you study foreign languages at the university, and preferably some other language than English that you hear everywhere in any case. This will help you differentiate yourself from others.

Finns do not give up

In international context, characteristics associated with Finns include a certain level of persistence and determination. I recognize that even in myself. We do things in a certain way to the desired point. For example, I wanted to study HR management, so I went to the other side of the world, to Australia, to learn more about it. Lidl's trainee programme was also a kind of school of perseverance, where not only the application papers but also your attitude was measured.

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