Chemistry professional in weapons research

Name: Paula Vanninen
Studies: Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry
Today: Research Director, VERIFIN

I work at the University of Helsinki as Research Director of the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, VERIFIN. My job description includes managing VERIFIN's research and training operations and the Institute's laboratory. I have been acting as research director since 2006.

The aim: ban on chemical weapons

In my current job, I can engage in exactly the kind of things I studied at the University of Oulu. It includes all the branches of chemistry I studied, i.e. physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry. In addition, my minor subject studies in biochemistry have also turned out to be very useful. I consider my work important because it supports the international disarmament of chemical weapons. The norm that chemical weapons should never be used is an important goal worth cherishing.

“I consider my work important because it supports international disarmament.”

The northern straightforward approach takes you far

For me, the Arctic attitude of the University of Oulu means a northern straightforward approach to things. I am proud that the University of Oulu was the place where I did my studies. Whenever possible, I participate in the events arranged by the University of Oulu. I meet my fellow students every now and then, but it would be nice to catch up with them more often. My advice to students would be that you should study things that really interest you.

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