Global mindset

Ameera Masoud
Education and Globalization

A year ago when I was looking for universities to pursue my masters degree, I never thought I will end up choosing Finland as it was never within my choices. But here I am in Oulu. I made it all the way from Palestine to the Northern part of Finland.

The first reason that made me want to come to Finland is that I wanted a big change and an adventurous life experience especially after 3 years of working as a Global Network coordinator in an NGO. I said to myself: ”I should go global”. And yes indeed, my last year has been a great journey! Following my decision, I started reading more about the Finnish education and I became excited to know that it will not only be an adventure but I will also have the privilege to study within such a great educational system which everyone is fascinated about.

Being part of the Master’s Programme in Education and Globalization has been so interesting and it has widened my horizon. The great people that I met within the EdGlo programme and different places in Oulu have added a great value to my life here. In general, the studying environment in the University of Oulu is relaxing, especially if I compare it to my previous experience on education systems. The university library has nice couches and that made me want to go to the library more often and enjoy my reading there. This makes me enjoy my studies!

Crazy Below Zero Temperature

Before coming here, my biggest fear was the crazy below zero weather which I have never experienced in my life. Despite that I could say that I fell in love with cycling around Oulu and enjoying its nature, in all seasons, even though it could be harder in winter times. I have never used a bicycle as a means of transportation, and when I return back home this is the one thing that I will really miss. I also love walking across the frozen sea, which is an amazing and peaceful feeling, offering a beautiful view at the same time.

To save myself from being bored or feeling homesick, it has always helped me to participate in various activities that Oulu has to offer. That is why I decided to become part of the Alumni Ambassador programme. It’s been a great chance to meet new people, and it has also helped me to enhance my skills, for example in presentation and communication. Also, because I had a great experience being a student here, I would like to encourage others to come to Oulu. 

Last updated: 17.1.2019