Research orientation in sustainable development and innovation drew me to Oulu

I’m Ana Maria Beltran, I come from Argentina and I’m a degree student at the University of Oulu in the Master's programme in Education and Globalisation. I completed my previous studies in the University of Cordoba, where I studied Special Education for Deaf and Bad-of-hearing students.

When people ask me, what drove me to travel so far to continue my postgraduate degree studies, I have a simple answer: Not only did I come to Finland because of the excellent academic offering on international education, but because of University of Oulu´s research orientation in sustainable development and innovation.

As an Educator, adapting to the Finnish education system has been and remains quite a challenge since it demands me to change my role to that of a student. Not any student, though. You need to become a critical, pro-active, autonomous student ready to participate in work groups. Personally, I believe that this is the environment the professors encourage us to construct everyday: with our classmates, we are very collaborative and we learn from each other’s knowledge and experience. Our “Edglo” programme especially focuses on the international diverse background of each student.

Living in Linnanmaa is a benefit since I live close to the University Campus, the Sports Hall center, the forest and two lakes. I find the campus incredible: it’s very conformable and I enjoy to study in the library, meeting with my groups in Tellus Innovation Arena. Having lunch and coffee breaks is a good way to keep concentrated and energetic in the classes.

It is a really different experience for me to be able to reach the city center and cultural events with just my bike. I am enjoying the environmental-friendly city with a student-collaborative community.  As an open-door sports and open-water swimming enthusiast, I am more than motivated to try ice-swimming and hiking in the Finnish National Parks.

As for my careers goals, my future plans are to apply the research skills I am acquiring now so as to later develop long-term education policies which promote and support Sustainable, Inclusive and Peace Global Education, promoting equity in societies.

Since for me, it has been a challenge to come to Finland, I am willing to share my story and encourage other prospective students to make this big step, or as in my case, a deep plunge into the water!

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Last updated: 25.6.2020