Embracing challenges

Anant Tamang
International Business Management

To be able to study in a foreign country is an exciting and a new experience to me. I’ve always liked to push myself into challenging situations. Having to travel thousands of miles away from my home country was a first challenge that I overcame to reach Oulu, my new home for the next two years. The second challenge was the education system, which was completely different from where I come from. However, I was able to comprehend the teaching methods, the assignments and so on. Another challenge was the weather and the fear of culture shock, however the best way to overcome these challenges is not to fear them, but to embrace them as a part of life and learn from them, trying to adapt and keep an open mind.

So, I think this is a great experience as I feel that there is so much that the university has to offer and there is so much that I can offer back to the university. Along with the academic activities that I am involved in, I love to be involved in various other activities in the university like sports, parties and other events in the university. It is so amazing to see that there is always something happening at the university that you will never get bored. 

Apart from the university, the city of Oulu has so much to offer for every student in every possible way. The discounts that you can get at some selected stores, restaurants, transportation systems, to name a few. So in a way the city cares for its students and their wellbeing. Hence it is an amazing place to be and one cannot escape the warmth and love of the university and the city of Oulu despite how cold the weather may be. 

Last updated: 17.1.2019