Enjoying a multicultural environment and expanding networks

My name is Anastasia Corjan and I am in my first year of studies in the Master’s degree program in Marketing at Oulu Business School.

I chose the University of Oulu because of the program and campus facilities that seemed excellent. When I arrived, I could see my estimate was correct: there are so many places for individual or group studies, restaurants with diverse offerings, a gym, a hair salon and even a place to sleep or just to relax between classes. The Linnanmaa campus is like a small city, and an international atmosphere prevails everywhere.

I enjoy participating in events for networking and working on my personal skills. Some student organizations offer free trips to different cities and countries for active members. I am curious about the diversity of cultures and perspectives, and I am enjoying meeting new people and spending time with my expanding circle of friends.

But my favorite part is the student experience: the lectures are held in a totally different, innovative way compared to what I was used to in my previous studies. The teachers are open-minded and do not restrict in opinions. My fellow students are just amazing - I feel like during this program I will get so many friends from all the parts of the world.

This is my first time in such an international environment. I have met students from Latin America, Africa, North America, Asia and obviously from Europe. My previous exchange experiences were nothing compared to this. I am enjoying the multicultural environment and feel that it has helped me adjust in the new surroundings.

In Oulu, you get along with English very well. I was quite surprised that anytime I would ask for help in the city, they would always reply in English no matter if it was a young or an old person. As for the nature, I have already seen the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights, something I would never see in the Eastern part of Europe where I come from.

During my studies, I am expecting to enhance my skills and build a solid foundation to work as a professional in my field. I hope my future occupation will be fulfilling and will allow me to travel.  I aspire, some day, to found a Marketing and Advertising company.

At this point, though, I am open for a lot of opportunities. I hope to gain work experience in relevant jobs; I plan to apply for a summer internship in the United States as the university is offering a grant to support it. I am surrounded by interesting people, and I am building up a vast social and professional network. I am enjoying my studies.

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Last updated: 18.6.2020