“I found the warmth of Oulu's people in the cold weather.”

Shortly after arriving to Finland Anh Nguyen from Vietnam, went to a church service. “People immediately noticed that I was new. They welcomed me and offered me their help with so many things. Also, my Kummi family are very kind and warm people. I found the warmth of Oulu's people in the cold winter weather,” Anh smiles when she tells about her first experiences in Oulu.   

In the Financial and Management Accounting master’s programme Anh is excited about studying in an engaging environment. “Teachers are very kind. If I don’t understand something I can ask and they will send me more materials, suggest a book or even schedule a personal meeting. I really appreciate that workflow!”, Anh says.  

About Oulu Anh likes the proximity of nature, lakes and forests. “This peacefulness suits my character,” she smiles. “It really is the most advanced education system, and I would love to experience more of it in the future,” she explains.

Anh’s next step is to find a job in Finance or Management Accounting in Finland and to experience this culture for a bit more. She is also dreaming of becoming an education consultant who helps other Vietnamese students who want to live the dream of studying abroad. “Studying abroad helped me to open my mind and daring to make new experiences. I want to share this unique experience and help spread the word about education in Finland.”


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Last updated: 22.2.2021