Beautiful nature and friendly people

Anila Kiran
Financial and Management Accounting

My journey to Oulu

Residing in the most beautiful area of northern Pakistan, I came from a society where education for girls was not common. I moved out to a boarding school at the age of 12 since acquiring education from reputed institutes has been my passion. Education has always been important in my life. Alongside education, I have been a highly active volunteer for both national and international organizations associated with humanity welfare, such as Hashoo Foundation Pakistan, Aga Khan Education Board and AIESEC Finland. My hobbies include meditation, photography, fishing and shooting. I love nature and sightseeing is close to my heart.

With my bachelor’s in Business Administration and two years of work experience in Accounting and Finance I wanted to deepen my knowledge and acquire more relevant theoretical perspective to my major. With this intention I applied for Financial and Management Accounting (FMA) in Oulu Business School. The reason of choosing University of Oulu is its world-wide reputation and excellent research environment.  

I believe that the FMA programme has taught me to skillfully diagnose and evaluate various problems global enterprises are facing in the field. During my first year, I was having a bit of difficulty to get used to Finnish educational system but still it was enjoyable. Research work was quite new for me, but not anymore, thanks to the professors and course outline. For me, student value and care have been the most important things which have made my life much easier and enjoyable.

Beautiful Nature and Friendly People

I was told about Finland’s cold weather back home but my first impression of Oulu was an absolutely beautiful city in northern Finland. Oulu is very peaceful and close to nature. I am impressed with the quality of life in Oulu. The local people are very honest, quiet and generally well educated. It's easy to make friends in Oulu if you are initiative enough.

I am privileged to be a student in the FMA programme in Oulu Business School and I highly recommend it to students who want quality education in a well reputed university while residing in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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Last updated: 25.6.2020