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Anniversary campaign

At the University of Oulu we promote learning and carry out research that pushes the boundaries of the known. We use our full potential to contribute in solving some of the greatest global challenges, including sustainable resource use, responsible business, human wellbeing and lifelong health, intelligent systems and services development, and harnessing environmental risks. You can help in this work for future generations by making a gift.

We celebrate the 60th anniversary of the University of Oulu in 2019. The donations made during the year will be used to support students and young researchers. Donations will help to support student and researcher mobility, to develop learning environments at the campuses and to support career paths of your researchers.

You can donate online below or on the university donation account FI08 8119 9710 0170 23.

Donate for the Next Generation

Celebrate our anniversary by making a gift for the next generation! Anniversary gifts will be used in the benefit of young researchers and students.

Stories of students and young researchers