Artificial Intelligence Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) research has long roots in the University of Oulu. First AI research group CMVS (Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis) was established in 1981.

Artificial Intelligence research and development in the University of Oulu is covering a wide range of different areas: computer vision, emotion AI, machine learning, robotics, edge computing, and medical, industrial and atmospheric applications of AI methods.

There are over 200 researchers working around different research topics related to AI in University of Oulu. Throughout the years over 30 spin-off companies have been born related to AI.





Spin-off companies


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Dozens of AI research projects going on

Key researchers

20.3.2018 Researcher

Guoying Zhao

20.11.2018 Researcher

Susanna Pirttikangas

14.5.2018 Researcher

Simo Saarakkala

29.8.2018 Researcher

Olli Silven

1.4.2019 Researcher

Juha Röning

10.10.2017 Researcher

Nønne Prisle

21.2.2018 Researcher

Mehdi Bennis

17.4.2018 Researcher

Timo Ojala

7.3.2018 Researcher

Mikko J. Sillanpää

30.10.2017 Researcher

Janne Heikkilä

9.11.2017 Researcher

Matti Latva-aho

26.11.2019 Researcher

Li Liu