Building a firm foundation for a career in 6G research

Having worked in different telecommunication companies for five years after his bachelor’s studies, Asif Shakil was keen on learning more about the emerging 6G technology. When he learned about the University of Oulu and the 6G flagship programme it was clear that he wanted to study here in the wireless communication networks master’s programme.

After his master’s Asif wants to keep contributing to research. “A good research career can only be built above the firm foundation of a good education,” he says. “Before I came here, I was really keen to work with the 6G Flagship programme. Now I just started working with them for my thesis. This is a great opportunity!” The university provides all the facilities Asif needs to be able to just concentrate on his studies.

When Asif was five years old, his family moved from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, where he experienced a multicultural childhood with friends from different countries. “I think I tasted every type of food in the world during that time,” he laughs, “It was a great experience to live in such a diverse community. Due to this time I can adjust to every environment,” he says.

After his school years in Saudi Arabia he moved back to Pakistan, to Islamabad, where he lived for about nine years. “It was the first time living without my family. During this time, I became a responsible and independent adult. Now I feel like I could go to any country and survive.” Even to cold and snowy Finland. “I have seen a lot of summers, now it is time for some winters. At first, I was shocked when I heard people go to sauna and then roll in the snow. But now I see why it is fun,” Asif laughs. His first year in Oulu was good, different, but interesting. Now Asif is ready for his second winter.


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Last updated: 10.12.2020